Fortnite Weapons Crafting And Evolution Guide – Weapon Crafting, How to Evolve

Fortnite Weapons Crafting and Evolution Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about crafting and evolving weapons in the game.

In the fight against Husks, weapons are the only tool that can save players in Fortnite and are just as essential as the harvesting pick. However, unlike the harvesting pick, weapons have durability and will break over time requiring players to craft new ones depending on their play style.

Since there is no way to repair a weapon in the game, players need to constantly craft more weapons to make sure when they are facing tough enemies, players aren’t unprepared.

This Fornite Weapons Crafting guide will help players in crafting the best weapons for their use as well as upgrading and evolving those weapons for more effectiveness.

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Fortnite Weapons Crafting And Evolution Guide

In our Fortnite Weapon Crafting And Evolution Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about crafting and evolving weapons in the game.

Fortnite Weapons Crafting And Evolution Guide

As mentioned earlier, since there is no repair system in the game, players constantly need to craft more weapons to be useful in combat. A light colored bar on the weapon icon indicates how much durability a weapon has so players need to keep an eye on that and craft new weapons before the current ones break.

In order to craft a weapon, players need to own schematics of the said weapon. These schematics vary in rarity ranging from common to legendary. The rarer a weapon, the more resources it will require crafting. However, all those extra resources also pay off as the weapon not only deals more damage but also has better durability.

Players can acquire these weapon schematics from Treasure Chests scattered across missions, as rewards for quests or as random drops from Loot Llamas.

Once players have a schematic they are interested in crafting, they need to check the weapon’s requirements from the Crafting tab. After gathering the required materials, players can press the craft button to add the weapon to their inventory.


In order to build even better quality weapons from the same rarity schematics, players can also upgrade those schematics by investing Schematic XP on them.

Players can gather Schematic XP as reward from Loot Llamas and other sources. Another great way to not only get XP but also clear up the limited inventory space is to Recycle old and lower quality schematic. Anything the players Recycle in the game rewards them with XP which can later be spent on upgrading something similar.

In the case of Fortnite weapon crafting, if players have a level 2 Rare schematic and a number of Common schematics, they can Recycle these Common ones to gain XP and then use this XP to upgrade the Rare schematic so that the weapon provides better stats.

After every 5 levels, a new stat bonus is unlocked on the schematic until players reach the level limit. Since all rarities share the same XP, it is better to continue to save this XP until players get Epic or higher schematics and then invest the XP in upgrading those.

Once players reach the level limit on a schematic as indicated, they can upgrade it even further by Evolution, which requires some high level and rare resources.


Weapons max out at Level 10 after which a new option appears in the place of Leveling them up. Players can evolve these weapons and schematics now by spending some unique resources listed on the Evolution requirements. Evolving a weapon unlocks new perks for the weapon, which are listed under the Perk section alongside the number of Evolutions required. One star on the schematic/weapon represents one Evolution.

The best way to collect resources to Evolve weapons in Fortnite is by either Recycling old weapons or by utilizing the Collection Book system of the game. While Recycling a weapon or schematic will give players XP which can be used later, the Collection Book permanently consumes the weapon/schematic and grants Collection Book XP.

Every time the Collection Book levels up, players gain some reward as indicated by the book page. As players continue to upgrade their book, the quality, rarity of these rewards improves, and players start getting more useful items after the Collection Book reaches Level 10. This is the point where they will start receiving useful resources which are required to Evolve Weapons in Fortnite.

In our Fortnite Weapons Crafting And Evolution Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about crafting and evolving weapons in the game. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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