Fortnite Spy Games Challenges Guide

Fortnite has launched yet another limited-time game mode, so everyone staying at home can have more reasons to play the game. This Spy Games mode brings with a lot of new twists to spice up the battle royale gameplay as well as new challenges. Fortnite Spy Games Challenges Guide will help you finish these challenges with ease.

Fortnite Spy Games Challenges

First thing is first, Spy Games Challenges are free to play, whether you own the battle pass or not, so everyone gets to take part and have fun. The Spy Game Challenges are completely exclusive to the Spy Games Operation LTM.

You need to follow some rules here as operation matches are not the same as other LTMs. As you continue playing, you unlock more intel along with getting access to more weapons and items. Every time you collect a piece of intel, you unlock Tech from the Tech Tree of the team you want to support.

When you are playing operational matches, you would have to choose between two factions. These aren’t permanent and you can change them.

You can always switch between the two factions as per your wish. In order to select your faction, go the computer in the main Battle Pass screen and either select either Ghost or Shadow. When you click Swap, you can shift from your current Spy Games faction.

Below are the Spygames Challenges

Win a match in Operation matches (1)
Reward: 80,000 XP

Deal damage to players in Operation matches (1000)
Reward: 80,000 XP

Eliminate players in Operation matches (10)
Reward: 80,000 XP

All challenges are pretty much straightforward and require minimum effort from players. As you can see, winning each challenge rewards you with 80,000 XP which is so much more than the XP you obtain from completing the normal challenges. This is a much better way to earn XP as it will make you progress faster towards the season’s battle pass.