How to Get Spiderman’s Web Shooters in Fortnite Chapter 3

One of the most fun recent additions to Fornite in Season 1 of Chapter 3 are Spiderman’s iconic web shooters. These allow you to swing around the map with impressive precision. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Spiderman’s Web shooters in Fortnite

How to Get Spiderman’s Web Shooter in Fortnite

With the addition of Spiderman and the Spiderman skins, players are also given the ability to swing around like Spiderman himself. This is done via Web shooters and Mythic Web shooters found in a match.

Spiderman Backpack Locations

These Web shooters can be found in Spiderman’s backpacks that are found scattered across the map. Each of these backpacks has a guaranteed health item and has a 90% chance of dropping Web shooters as well.

These normal web shooters have 80 shots allowing players to swing to their heart’s content in the game. The web shooters work similar to the Harpoon Gun, as in you can pull items to you from the ground with the web shooter, and even attack to buildings and swing away.

The web can attach to almost anything so you can swing around whenever you find anything high enough for you to swing on it. Not only this, you can also attach your web to the backs of vehicles and boats as these are driven, you can surf behind them.

The web also has a minor cooldown to keep players from spamming the item, but it’s still fun enough to make for a good time and allow you to be extremely versatile in combat situations.

This is one of the many Spiderman content to drop in Fortnite Chapter 3. These shooters are also required to complete the Week 2 Challenges, which are scheduled to go live on 16th December.

Here is a map of Spiderman Backpacks containing the web shooters in Fortnite

Spiderman Webshooter Locations in Fortnite


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