Fortnite SLURP Locations to Destroy Barrels, Trucks or Silos

Epic Games has released a new set of challenges with some rewards to keep players busy. The Rippley Vs Sludge mission set is now live and, in this guide, we have explained Fortnite SLURP Locations to Destroy Barrels, Trucks or Silos for one of the challenges in this mission.

The guide will focus on giving you the best location to destroy slurp barrels, trucks or silos although you may find more of them scattered across the entire map. Completing the challenge will net you the Purple Rippley skin.

If Rippley isn’t your speed and you would rather prefer to use Remedy, you can also complete another set of Overtime Challenges to unlock the Purple Remedy Skin.

Fortnite SLURP Locations to Destroy Barrels, Trucks or Silos

This challenge requires you to destroy 10 Slurp Items. To do so, head to Slurpy Swamps to find all these items. The Slurp factory there is full of slurp barrels, slurp silos and slurp trucks. When you are near a barrel, truck or silo, use your pickaxe to destroy them. You can also use explosive weapons to destroy these items.

The Slurp Silos are the biggest structure which can be found on the roofs of the buildings and destroying them will also give you 25 shield. The Slurp trucks are the most difficult to destroy as they have higher HP and only a few of them spawn in the area.

But destroying a Slurp truck will give you 100 shield so it may be worth it if you can destroy one before other players arrive.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is almost certainly going to be to go for barrels alone because there are a ton of them in Slurpy Swamp and they are easier to hack down than giant Silos. While you can find SLURP barrels in other areas, this is by far the quickest place to finish this challenge.

Be careful while completing this challenge as the area will be quite busy right now. But do not worry as it is not required to destroy all ten items in one go.

So, if you die while doing the challenge or the area is already picked clean, then you can always come back again.

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