Fortnite Skye’s Sword in Stone Locations Guide

Week 8 of Fortnite: Skye’s Challenge includes a hunt for Skye’s Swords in the Stone. To get help finding the swords, this Fortnite: Skye’s Swords in the Stone Locations Guide will come in handy.

Fortnite Skye’s Sword in Stone Locations

One of the week 8 challenges is finding 5 of Skye’s Swords that are stuck inside rocks, placed across the map in different locations. All the sword stones are placed on high grounds.

Below are all 5 Sword in Stone location;

  1. North-west of Pleasant Park on top of a mountain aside the C-curved beach. It makes the right top corner of C-2
  2. Another one is east of Pleasant Park, on top a cliff, again. This is the cliff overlooking Risky Reels from the north side just, besides the river. If you go straight southwards from the west end of the Blue Steel Bridge, you get directly to it. It’s the E-3 section in the map.
  3. Going north-east from the last location, this one is directly north of the Fortnite Radio Station; located east of Craggy Cliffs. Go north from the radio station to find the sword rock behind two boulders at the edge of the cliff overlooking the water. It falls on the south line of F-1 section on the map.
  4. Comin straight down from there; across the Frenzy Farm bridge, the next one is on the bottom right corner of the F-5 section of the map grid. It is a top a medium-sized cliff north-east of Lazy Lake, placed just aside a large boulder.
  5. The last one is close by; you’ll find it on the west line of H-5 section of the map grid. The sword is on top of the biggest snow-topped mountain just west of the Grotto overlooking Lake Canoe; on its north-east

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