Fortnite Secret Battle Star Locations Guide – Visit All Battle Stars

Another season of Fortnite is out which means more map changes and new challenges in the air.

For Season 8 Week 1 Challenge, Fortnite has set up some Secret Battle Star locations for players.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Locations

You need to visit them in order to complete this Fortnite Weekly Challenge that will unlock the Battle Stars so you can level up your Battle Pass to unlock new cosmetics.

Each week, one Secret Battle Star location is released and for this first week, we have a location for you. For the Secret Battle Star to appear, you are supposed to complete all the other *Weekly Challenges*.

This Fortnite Guide will show you the location to the Battle Star if you are still struggling to get to it.

The Battle Star is near the City of Lazy Lagoon that is located in the Jungle Biome. Land in the location and you will see the tallest building in the place. Land on the building after jumping from the Battle Bus and you will see the Battle Star appear.

Just go and interact with the Battle Star and you will complete your mission. Later, your friends will also be informed about your Achievement.

Finding this Secret Battle Pass, you will be rewarded with 10 Battle Pass and will increase your Battle Pass by one Tier. Increasing your Battle Tier to 100 will reward you with 1,000 XP.

Again, to complete the challenge you are supposed to complete all the other Weekly Challenges first. If you are struggling in any of those Weekly Missions, you can check out our guides for those challenges.