Fortnite Season 8 Week 8 Challenges Guide

Our Fortnite Season 8 Week 8 Challenges Guide will help you learn all about finding and completing all the Season 8 Week 8 Challenges.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 8 Challenges are finally out! If you look at the new challenges, you’ll realize that Week 8 Challenges are comparatively trickier and harder than the previous week’s challenges.

Like Week 7 Challenges, this one also has 7 Challenges i.e. 3 Free Pass Challenges & 4 Battle Pass Challenges. You can unlock the Discovery Challenge Week 8 Loading Screen once you have completed all 7 challenges.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 8 Challenges

In this Season 8 Week 8 Challenges Guide, you’ll learn the quickest and easiest ways to complete all 7 challenges. In addition to simply explaining each challenge, we’ve also provided some helpful tips and tricks to make it easier for you to complete them.

Eliminate an Opponent from at Least 50m Away

In this challenge, you simply have to equip yourself with a long-range weapon and kill an enemy from a distance of 50m. You need to keep in mind that a single building segment is 5m. Therefore, you’ve to engage and kill an enemy from roughly ten building-segments away.

Eliminate Opponents at Dusty Divot or Lucky Landing

In this challenge, you’ve to eliminate 3 enemies in either Dusty Divot or Lucky Landing. Dusty Divot is more saturated in terms of players so be brave and land here. Try to find a weapon as soon as possible and hunt down unarmed rivals.

Dial the Durrr Burger Number on the Big Telephone West of Fatal Fields

In this challenge, you’ve to locate two Giant Telephones and dial numbers on them. You can either hit or shoot to dial the allotted numbers. Locations of these telephones are really easy to locate.

  1. On Top of the Mountains Near Fatal Fields, Surrounded by Rocks and Trees.
  2. East of Jungle Biome Near the End of the Map.

Once locations are found, dial the number (555-0198) to complete the challenge.

Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under Bridges and in Caves

This challenge requires a lot of searching as you have to locate 7 puzzle pieces which are scattered around the map. They can be found in caves and under the bridges. The southern part of the map contains most of the puzzle pieces.

Deal Damage to Opponents While Using at Least One Balloon

This challenge is actually really fun to do as you have to first find some balloons, blow them up then float in the air, and fire at any moving target on the ground.

You see which will most probably be your enemy. No need to use multiple balloons, as it’ll make aiming much more difficult. Therefore, stick to a single balloon, stay close to the ground, and eliminate the enemy.

Use Vending Machines in Different Matches

This challenge doesn’t involve any rocket science, as you just have to find and use vending machines. Every named location has at least one vending machine.

After you use the vending machine, it will disappear. The good thing is that vending machines don’t require materials anymore. You have to use 3 different vending machines to complete this challenge.

Search the Treasure Map Signpost Found in Paradise Palms

You’ll have to locate the Treasure Map Signpost in this challenge. You’ll be able to find this signpost at the north of Paradise Palms – located near the Keyboard King Store, near the Hotel 23.

After finding the signpost, you’ll have to find the Battle Star which is located at Frosty Flights. You’ll have to take the highway and at the western end of the highway, you will find the Battle Star.

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