Fortnite Season 8 Week 6 Challenges Guide – Free and Battle Pass Challenges

Our Fortnite Season 8 Week 6 Challenges Guide will help you learn all about finding and completing all the Season 8 Week 6 Challenges.

It’s week 6 of the Fortnite Season 8. Naturally, new challenges have been introduced. Fortnite Week 6 Challenges aren’t your typical run of the mill challenges. In fact, this time, we’re required to find some Easter Eggs Epic Games planted for us on the map.

For example, one of the Fortnite Season 8 Week 6 Challenges requires you to find and enter three structured designed after some animals. Luckily, this challenge is accessible to all the players so the players without the Battle Pass can have a go at it too.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 6 Challenges

If you’re having trouble completing this one, we have provided the location for this below along with some tips to complete other challenges as well so you can get that 6,000 XP and the Hidden Banner.

There are 7 challenges in total: 3 for the Free Pass and 4 exclusively for Battle Pass owners. Completing all of them gets you a Hidden Banner while completing at least 4 will get you 6,000 Season XP.

First, let’s talk about the Free Pass Challenges:

Visit the 5 Highest Elevations on the Island

Finding these can be tricky. Two of them are located near the Polar Peak. One of them is in the castle in the Polar Peak region (C8 on the map) and the other is west of the Polar Peak (B8 on the map).


Both of these locations will have a board stuck on them, marking how high up you are.

The next two are in the area between Snobby Shores, Tilted Tower, and Pleasant Park. Both of them are on a mountain peak, one on B5 and the other on C5 on the map.

The last one is just over the new volcano at H3 – you should be able to locate it if you circle around its mouth.

Visit a Wooden Rabbit, a Stone Pig, and a Metal llama

These structures are made from the building materials, but these are not a work of any player. They are made by the game developers and placed there for you to find.

All of these can be found along the corner of the map. First, the Wooden Rabbit is found on the west corner of the map, above Snobby Shores at A5 on the map.

The Metal llama is above the previous animal, to the corner a little above Junk Junction (B1 on the map). And finally, the Stone Pig can be found just outside the Lucky Landing at the bottom.

Eliminate Opponents at Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights

This one is pretty plain and simple. Deviate your landing path for a couple of games to either Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights and Eliminate 3 opponents there, you don’t have to get all the kill during the same match.

Now, let’s talk about the Battle Pass Exclusive Challenges:

Staged Challenge

You are required to finish 5 Staged Challenges:

  • Stage #1: Land at Fatal Fields
  • Stage #2: Land at Lazy Lagoon
  • Stage #3: Land at Shift Shafts
  • Stage #4: Land at Frosty Flights
  • Stage #5: Land at Sunny Steps

Search where the Knife Points on the Treasure Map Loading Screen

You’ll see a lot of loading screen in Fortnite, especially if your computer is a potato so pay attention and note down the locating of where the knife is and take a trip there.

It’s in tress, just above the racetrack on the east. You’ll find the Battle Pass Emblem floating in the middle of the trees. Interact with it and complete the challenge.

Use Different Throwable Items in a Single Match

Hopefully, you don’t need any help with this one. Get any 2 throwable and just throw it on the ground – doesn’t matter if it hits or not.

Get an Elimination with a Flint-Knock Pistol or Boom Bow

Get one of the required weapons and get a kill with them. Both of these weapons are pretty rare to find, but I think Flint-Knock Pistol is a little easier to find although the Boom Bow is far better.

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