Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Alien Artifact Locations Guide

The new week of season 7 of Fortnite introduces new Alien Artifacts. These artifacts are the currency to buy the all-new Kymera outfit. In this Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Alien Artifact Locations guide, we’ll be showing you where to find said currency so you can get your very own Kymera outfit.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Alien Artifacts Locations

The players after getting the Alien currency can change the Kymera completely. They can change the color of the eyes, the shape of the head, and even the color of the armor. This week in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, five alien artifacts are available to pick up.

Here are the marked images of the map showing the locations of the alien artifacts.

Alien Artifact #1 – Believer Beach
The first artifact can be found to the west of Believer Beach. Here is the marked location. You can find it on the top of the building or in it easily, so just a little search is required

Alien Artifact #2 – Pleasant Park
The second one is located northeast of Pleasant Park near the Guardian Tower. The following image shows the marked location. You will find the Artifact inside a house close to this location. The Artifact can be found easily as there is no place here to hide for the Artifact.

Alien Artifact #3 – Dirty Rocks
The third artifact is on the bridge that connects the road to Dirty Rocks. To the south of the Corny Complex, the Artifact can be found to the north side of the river. The marked image is shown below.

Alien Artifact #4 – Retail Row
Next, the fourth Alien Artifact can be seen near the pool close to the pylon and northeast of Retail Bow. The Artifact will be to the right of the square-like building adjacent to a power line tower. Search the Artifact both outside and inside the building.

Alien Artifact #5 – Misty Meadows
The last one can be found to the north of Misty Meadows on the left island of the lake and near Guardian Tower. The artifact is at the edge of the left island. The island also has a bridge that links it to the mainland.

The artifact is located inside the house, so after reaching the marked location, find the house and get inside to get the Artifact. The house lies on the left side of the island near the water.

How to Use Alien Artifacts in Fortnite

This week there are 5 capsules in total. Each capsule, as usual, will provide you with four Artifacts, so if you succeed in collecting all the 5 capsules, you can get 20 Artifacts. Adding up the five Alien Artifacts from week 1, you will have 40 Alien Artifacts in total.

This obviously depends on how many Cosmic Chests you have found. This amount is enough to buy a single expensive item or buy several cheaper items. Cthulhu is an expensive item that costs 17 Artifacts, so it is under 20 Artifacts you have.

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