Fortnite Season 7 Week 11 Challenges Guide

A new week means new challenges to conquer in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. In this guide, we will go over all the Fortnite Season 7 Week 11 legendary and epic challenges you have to complete for that sweet sweet battle pass XP and unlock new cosmetics and battle stars.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 11 Challenges

The extra-terrestrials continue to roam the maps of Fortnite’s world so expect much of your quests surrounding these mysterious creatures albeit the context of the latter remain mundane therefore easy to complete.

Since these quests last for a week, expect the Legendary challenges to last till August 25 to make for week 12 therefore it is imperative you complete them in a timely manner to reap most of their rewards

Fortnite Season 7 Week 11 Legendary Quests

As mentioned before, the legendary quests in FN Season 7 Week 11 last till August 25th so make sure you focus on completing these first, unless you are only playing to get your hands on the Superman skin.

Get Sloane’s orders from a Payphone – 15,000 XP

Start off your journey with a simple call; you need to acquire orders from Sloan. In order to accomplish this task, find any payphone around the map. They are marked in your game map if you highlight the quest or you can just visit any gas station and should see a payphone near it.

Catch fish at fishing holes – 45,000 XP

Find any fishing hole around the map and get to work. Fishing holes can easily be spotted by the bubbles coming from them indicating the presence of fish. The preferable location to fish would be the Unremarkable Shack found near the Craggy Cliffs. Catching 5 fish will reward you with 45,000 XP.

Collect a Vintage can of cat food in Catty Corner or Craggy Cliffs – 30,000 XP

The vintage can of cat food can be found in Catty Corner or Craggy Cliffs on the map. These objects are obtained when destroying the garbage cans or just found lying about on the dusty corners of the location. Swiping a single can will grant you 30,000 XP.

Collect a Vase of flowers from Lazy Lake – 30,000 XP

Head over to Lazy Lake and what you need to do is to find and collect a vase of flowers that are usually spotted inside the houses, shops and other buildings that are distributed within the vicinity. Others can be found on the patios of said houses; once acquired you will gain 30,000 XP.

Harvest Wood – 30,000 XP

To the left of Weeping Woods, you will find Durrr Burger. Travel to this location to find stacks of neatly cut wood waiting for your attention around the back of the establishment, destroy and obtain these materials till you have harvested around 250 automatically obtaining 30,000 XP.

Talk to Joey – 30,000 XP

On the East side of the map, you will see Dirty Docks where you will find Joey idling around in a building inside said location.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 11 Joey Location

When you are close to him, you will see a conversation cloud hover, following this will take you to the exact building that you need to destroy or you could simply cross the doors to talk to him. Completing this task will reward you with 30,000 XP.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 11 Epic Quests

Unlike the legendary challenges of Fortnite Season 7 Week 11, these Epic quests do not expire and you can complete them as long as the current season and battle pass is still active.

Travel in a saucer – 30,000 XP

Very self-explanatory, you need to find a UFO or infamous term a ‘flying saucer’! Don’t fret, to find the spaceship, simply travel to any of the marked locations on the map such as Steamy Stacks or Dirty Docks. Simply press the button that allows you to board onto the ship and fly it for 2000 meters which can be accomplished by traveling from one side of the map to the other.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 11 Saucer Locations

Alternatively, you can also look at the map and visit a named location with its name written in purple. The purple name indicates it is being invaded by Trespassers right now so you will find flying saucers over the area. Simply shoot one down, kill the alien piloting it and take over the vessel.

Use the recon scanner to spot an Infected Wildlife or Trespasser – 30,000 XP

This one requires a bit of time as getting your hands on a recon scanner involves some RNG. However, your best bet is to loot IO chests scattered across the map in areas like the satellite dish stations, The Aftermath and Steamy Stacks. Once you have a Recon scanner, either use it to scan wildlife affected by alien parasites or find some Trespassers.

Regarding the Trespassers, travel to Holly Hatchery where you will find the aliens roaming about the streets for you to scan. Upon a successful scan, you will gain 30,000 XP.

Interact with equipment at any IO radar dish base – 30,000 XP

Go to any IO satellite station to complete this quest. In the middle of the areas, you will see tall towers with a dish on top of them. At the base of these radar towers, you should see orange computer screens. Simply interact with it to Upload data and complete the challenge.

Deal damage in Alien Biomes – 30,000 XP

Travel to Holly Hatchery once more to find these humanoids roaming about thus, deal 150 damage to them in order for you to complete the Alien Biomes Quest. It is best that you complete this quest in tandem with the Recon Scanner quest for the sake of convenience.

Mark an Alien Parasite – 30,000 XP

Look for the green alien pods that spawn parasites or animals infected by the alien parasites. Liberate the parasite and then mark it to complete the quest. Freeing the animals from parasite control without killing the parasite can be a bit challenging and requires precise aim.

Weeping Woods and Holly Hatchery are great spots to find these alien pods but if that fails, look under the bridges near Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows.

Dance with an Alien Parasite at Believer Beach, Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park – 30,000 XP

Follow the same steps as the ‘Mark an Alien Parasite’ above. Let the parasite infect you and then quickly head towards Believer Beach, Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park and perform a dance there. Easy as pie and you get 30,000 XP in return.

Go for a swim with an Alien Parasite – 30,000 XP

This challenge is just like the previous two so simply follow the same steps as before, get infected with a parasite and then dive into any body of water to remove the parasite from yourself and complete the quest.

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