Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 Challenges Guide – Complete Battle Pass and Free Challenges

Season 7 is about to come to its ends, before that we are expecting to see the Week 10 challenges. Like every other season, there will be 10 weekly challenges in total, with the last one having 7 objectives to complete.

If you have not completed your previous challenges, then do not worry, you can still get them done. As for now, we will focus on new challenges.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 Challenges

Week 10 has 7 challenges in total; with 3 available to everyone but the other four are reserved exclusively for the Battle Pass holders. Therefore, first, we will delve into the Free Pass challenges.

Deal Damage with Scoped Weapons to Opponents
At this point, there are plenty of scoped guns available to choose from in Fortnite, go ahead and grab any one of them and get this done.

If the scoped guns are not your cup of tea and you are facing difficulty getting through this challenge, then hop into a more laid-back mode instead, where you may find less challenge.

Assault Rifle Eliminations
Assault rifles are easy to come by and pretty much everyone uses them, you should not have trouble completing this one.

To get this done quickly, jump into a hot zone, like the tilted tower and get as many kills as you can then die, to rejoin the next lobby, rinse and repeat.

At the moment we aren’t sure how much kills you need to get, but I am sure with a couple of attempts at tilted towers you should be able to get enough.

Hit an Opponent with a Chiller Grenade or Boogie Bomb in Different Matches
This is one of the tougher missions, as you will barely find a stationary target in Fortnite and grenades are effective especially against enemies who is standing still.

Finding Chiller Grenade, is not a problem, as due to the event, you will find them lying around everywhere. However, the Boogie Bomb is a rare commodity and works better.

Either way, tag an opponent with any of them, it is advised to use them against enemies who are unaware of your presence or an enemy who is backed into a corner.

Battle Pass Challenges

Search Chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot
This is a straightforward mission, just jump into either Lazy Links or Dusty Divot and get some chests open.

If you want to run by them fast then, deploy on either of the locations, upon landing you should be able to score at least one or two chests, get them and then get yourself killed.

Rejoin the lobby, again repeat the same process and you should be able to get the challenge done in no time.

Get a Score of 5 or More at the Shooting Gallery
There are three stages to this challenge. The main goal is to initially locate the shooting gallery and then try to score at least 5 points there.

  • Stage 1: You Will Find the Gallery East of Wailing Woods.
  • Stage 2: You Will Find the Gallery North of Retail Row
  • Stage 3: You Will Find the Gallery East of Paradise Palms

Place a Mounted Turret or a Damage Trap in Different Matches
Here you need to find some Mounted Turrets and Damage Traps; typically three each round over three rounds.

Damage Traps are usually easy to come by, Mounted Turret, however, is a Legendary Drop, so do not expect too much on getting your hands on one of these.

When you get the traps, simply placing them will complete the requirements, you do not have to kill or even damage anyone with it.

Visit Expedition Outposts in a Single Match
This challenge has been seen before in the 7th week, however, this time Expedition Outpost may have different locations and you are required to locate a couple of them in a single round.

We are not sure how many of these you have to visit, but you have to find a couple and visit them in a single match.

To make your job easier, it is advised that you get on X-4 Stromwings, as going through the air is faster route rather than lurking through the battlefield.

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