Fortnite Season 5 Challenge To Search Where Stone Heads Are Looking Solved

Fortnite Season 5 just got its fresh challenges for Week 6 revealed. Although there seems to be a pretty odd Fortnite Season 5 challenge in the list. We are quite aware of the challenges where players have to search between certain points on the maps. However, this Fortnite Season 5 challenge requires a rather unusual demand to be met. Players are asked to search on the map where the stone heads are looking in this absurd Fortnite season 5 challenge.

On the recent map of season 5, there are a total of six stone heads in Fortnite. Each stone head is far from the other. The ancient theme of the Fortnite season 5 has featured these historic relics together with the Viking Village. Before this Fortnite season 5 challenge, there wasn’t much these stone heads were doing other than being stagnant artifacts.

Even though these stone heads are away from each other fans worked it out before this Fortnite season 5 challenge came out. Indeed all look in one similar direction which draws the attention to a central point. Fans predicted back then about the mystery behind this coincidence and now it has all come down to this Fortnite season 5 challenge.

As it has been figured out, Salty Springs seems to be that central point where all six heads are looking at. Still comparing to other search-between challenges this Fortnite season 5 challenge is found to have a bit more to it. In any other Fortnite season 5 challenge once you’ve found the location, the battle star is easily found.

To find the battle star we shall go a bit southwest to the Salty Springs onto a hill. The highest point of this hill is where you actually have to start your search. However, the more this news is spread the more dangerous it is going to be to reach there. So better load your guns as you might find some heavy company there.

Fortnite has had secret challenges before as well. Some weekly challenges even got leaked. Moreover, the much-anticipated pump shotgun has an upgrade coming up, go check it out.

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