Fortnite Season 4 Guide – Map Changes, New Items, Battle Pass Challenges (Everything You Need To Know)

In this Fortnite Season 4 Guide, we have detailed all the new content and changes that Season 4 brings in Fortnite. The comet in the sky of Fortnite has finally crashed in the game and has brought us the Season 4 of Fortnite.

Ever since the appearance of the comet in the sky as well as many other hints and Easter Eggs throughout the map of Fortnite, the hype was at its peak for the new season and now we finally have it.

Season 4 kicks off very strongly in Fortnite with tons of new content, improvements, new cosmetic items and map changes. We have collected all available information about these new content and game changes and have mentioned them here in our Fortnite Season 4 Guide for you so that you can easily get to know about all the new stuff that you will get with the new Season 4.

Fortnite Season 4

A new season means a new season pass. The Season 3 has now officially ended and from May 1, Season 4 has started and it comes with its own battle pass that will unlock many new cool items for you.

This also means that there will be many challenges for you to complete allowing you to unlock these items easily. All you need to do for Season 4 to come in your game is to update your game.

As of now, we have no exact date when the season 4 will end but we are sure that just like season 3, it will run a good ten weeks or so which gives us quite a decent time to attempt all new challenges it comes with and explore the new changes that it brings along.

Check down below for a detailed list of all new updates. If for some reason, you have seen the Fortnite Season 4 trailer, you can check it out below:

Season 4 Battle Pass

Similar to Season 3, the real fun of Season 4 starts when you purchase the Battle Pass. It allows you to win new and cool Battle Pass exclusive items and allows you to complete special Battle Pass Challenges.

If you have around 950 V-bucks saved from the previous Battle Pass tiers then you have nothing to worry about as the Season 4 Battle Pass also costs 950 V-bucks.

It is a good thing that they have not increased the Battle Pass price for Season 4. This will allow Fortnite Veterans to continue their Battle Pass without spending a dime.

However, if you have exhausted all your previous Battle Pass earnings on new cosmetic items or did not purchase the previous Battle Pass at all, then you can purchase the Battle Pass for a mere $10.

This price for a Season Pass is quite justified considering the number of items it allows you to win simply by completing challenges and playing the game. If you are a little bit careful about your spending, you can even collect enough for the next Battle Pass without any worry of losing your V-bucks when the Season Pass ends.

Map Changes

At this moment, the map is not hugely changed. The only major change so far is the huge crater from the meteor impact, which has destroyed Dusty Depot, and it is now called Dusty Divot.

Apart from this huge crater, several other smaller craters have also appeared throughout the map but they have no significant effect on the map.

A few additions to the map include a Super Villain’s Liar and a Super Hero’s Liar. You can find the Super Villain’s Liar on a mountain between B4 and B5 while the Super hero’s Liar can be found at J5 and J6.

There is now a bunker underneath the Blue House in Salty Springs. There are also some mysterious footprints that we have no further detail about as of yet.

New Items

With the new Battle Pass come a plethora of new items ranging from new outfits to new back blings and emotes. As soon as you purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass, you get instant access to Battlehawk and Carbide costumes, Dynamite Emote, and X Mark spray.

Therefore, these sprays are a new addition to the game that was not present before in the game. They allow you to spray paint things and leave your mark in the game.

Another new thing is that some of the costumes such as Battlehawk and Carbide now come with different armor pieces that you unlock as you advance in the Battle Pass tiers. This is new and before that we had no such additional unlocks for an outfit.

For a complete list of new Battle Pass items, you can check out the list below:

  • Outfits
    • Battlehawk – Comes with Battle Pass Purchase. Unlockable armor pieces at Tier 10,20,30,40 and 65.
    • Carbide – Comes with Battle Pass Purchase. Unlockable armor pieces at Tier 10,20,30,40 and 65.
    • Teknique – Unlocked at Tier 23
    • Zoey – Unlocked at Tier 47
    • Valor – Unlocked at Tier 71
    • Squad leader – Unlocked at tier 87
    • Omega – Unlocked at Tier 100 – Unlockable armor pieces at Tier 25, 35, 45, 65, 85
  • Harvesting Tools
    • Gale Force – Unlocked at Tier 7
    • Lollipopper – Unlocked at Tier 46 of free side
  • Back Blings
    • Standard Issue – Unlocked at Tier 10 of free side
    • Goodie Bag – Unlocked at Tier 55
  • Gliders
    • Sugar Crash – Unlocked at Tier 15
    • Wings of Valor – Unlocked at Tier 39
    • Intrepid – Unlocked at Tier 79
  • Skydiving Trails
    • Retro Sci-Fi – Unlocked at Tier 20
    • Spray Paint – Unlocked at Tier 36
    • Lightning – Unlocked at Tier 50
    • Hearts – Unlocked at Tier 68
    • Shooting Star – Unlocked at Tier 84

These are all the notable items that you can unlock via the Battle Pass as well as the Free Pass Tiers. There are also tons of other content that come with the Battle Pass that can unlock and new content will be coming to the in-game store as well.

Along with these regular old items, you can also now unlock or purchase Sprays that allow you to tag different objects in the game with unique designs.

Judging by the content so far, this season is going to be the best of the seasons that have currently made their way in Fortnite.

Let us know in the comments down below about how you think about the new season of Fortnite. Will you be joining thousands of players around the world for another season or your time with this fun shooter has come to an end?

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