Fortnite Season 3 Deadpool Floaties Locations Guide

The week 2 challenges for Fortnite Season 3 are here, where one of them requires you to track down three Deadpool theme floaties on the map. You need three Fortnite Season 3 Deadpool floaties to complete the challenge and get 35,000 experience points. However, there are a total of five floaties that you can collect.

Follow our guide to find all five of the Deadpool floaties with their respective locations.

Fortnite Season 3 Deadpool Floaties Locations

With the announcement of this season, the Mewoscle’s Yacht which Deadpool took over last season, has been misplaced.

This Yacht can now be found at the north/center-north of the map in grid E1. Head over to that location to start your floaty hunt.

Deadpool Floaty #1
On the East side of the Yacht, you will find a large orange container. Go inside the container. You will find the floaty right in front of the bed.

Deadpool Floaty #2
On the bottom floor of the Yacht, you will find a door right in front of a helicopter spot, leading to a hallway. Go through the hallway until you find a chest in front of a green screen. Right beside the chest is your second floaty.

Deadpool Floaty #3
In the middle of the Yacht, you will find a Deadpool statue. Now right above the statue, is a room with a Deadpool portrait.

Build to the top of the Yacht and go to that room. On the left corner, as you enter the room, you will find the floaty.

You will get your experience points when you collect the third floaty.

Deadpool Floaty #4
Head over to the west side of the Yacht at the middle deck and you will find a Deadpool themed umbrella. Right under the umbrella is your fourth floaty.

Deadpool Floaty #5
At the very very end of the Yacht is your fifth and final floaty. Go the end of the boat and find a shack with a doorway on the front. Head inside and you will find your last floaty.

So there you have it. All five locations of the Deadpool floaties have been covered in this guide.

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