Fortnite Season 2 XP Tokens Locations Guide

XP tokens are found all over the map in Fortnite Chapter 2, which brings a lot of new interesting points...

XP tokens are found all over the map in Fortnite Chapter 2, which brings a lot of new interesting points while trolloping around the map. If you are interested in collecting them for an easy boost, follow these Fortnite Season 2 XP Tokens Locations.

It’s a great deal to take in, we admit it, however, Epic has made battle pass progression somewhat simpler by including these XP tokens for eagle-eyed gamers.

Finding and collecting these little tokens gives you a programmed XP enhance, helping you raise your battle pass level and earn more sprays, skins, acts out and more.

Fortnite Season 2 XP Tokens Locations

You can follow the map below to see where all the XP tokens are, however, if you are still having trouble finding XP tokens in Fortnite, we have instructions below.

Green Fortnite XP Tokens

Green XP tokens are the littlest of the token types, yet in addition the most plentiful.


Green Token 1: Located in the upper east portion of the guide, simply off the coast close to the Yacht. You’ll see a little concrete structure with a pipe stretching out of it, and couple trees. The token is resting by the tree nearest to the little concrete structure.

Green Token 2: On the sea shore north of Dirty Docks. Search for the gathering of mostly destroyed yellow boats and you’ll see it close to a rock only a foot into the water.

Green Token 3: Within the hills of the east of Retail Row. You’ll see it settled on a mountain, underneath a couple of trees.

Green Token 4: More southeast of Retail Row. Search for the boulder jutting off the side of the hill with the no jumping sign. You’ll need to overlook that sign and take a jump off the edge, where the green token is hanging in mid-air.

Green Token 5: Within hills south of Misty Meadows. Search for the zipline. The token is hanging in the center.

Green Token 6: Reasonably west of Lazy Lake and east of Slurpy Swamp. Search for a huge clustering of pine trees, where the XP token is settled between.

Green Token 7: Head to the Agency base in the middle of the island. The XP token is on the north shore over the water, covered up in a bush.

Green Token 8: Underneath the bridge east of Pleasant Park. Covered up in a bush.

Green Token 9: You can found it in C1, on one of the northernmost mini-islands. Only a short distance from the northern beach, settled between three trees.

Green Token 10: Southwest of Holly Hedges. Search for two tall trees ignoring the beach. The token is between these two trees.

Green Token 11: You can find it Southwest of Slurpy Swamp, and due east of The Rig. It’s resting by a twisty tree.

Blue Tokens

Blue Fortnite XP tokens are particular inside the feeling that they won’t appear in precisely the same location each time, any way they do normally appear in the identical space.

Probably the most ideal approaches to find a blue XP token in a space is to study from the sky through your glider.

You may ideally detect the trademark blue glow of the XP token sooner than you land. Here are the final areas you’ll find them in.

Blue Token 1: West of Misty Meadows, somewhere nearby the highway, more than likely near the intersection.

Blue Token 2: Southeast of the Company, more than likely inside the hills.

Blue Token 3: Somewhere north of Nice Park.

Blue Token 4: More than likely inside the water somewhere upper east of Sweaty Sands, most likely within the river.

Purple XP Tokens

Purple Fortnite XP tokens are nice because they explode into a bunch of mini-XP tokens, increase your battle cross exponentially more prominent than green or blue tokens.

Purple Token 1: Southeast of Steamy Stacks. Find a small gathering of bushes close to the shore.

Purple Token 2: In H7, hug the coast, The token is near the center of H7 just outside a log cabbin.

Purple Token 3: You can find it Northwest of Craggy Cliffs on the mini-island. Near a little shack and a big tree.

Purple Token 4:You can find it Southwest of Salty Springs, near a little lake, sitting in a wagon.


There’s exclusively one of these, that we as a whole know about, and you have to work to find it. You can find it inside the vault at The Grotto, the base that Brutus runs.

Make your way into the base, find Brutus and defeat him. Be careful for his powerful mini gun attack. It can shred you apart in the occasion you’re playing by your self, especially on the off chance that he has some backup henchmen also shooting at you.

When you beat him, take his keycard and make your way to the vault situated inside the coronary heart of the base. You will see the huge vault door and may swipe the keycard to open it.

The XP token is inside, and it is so huge that you can’t apparently miss it.

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