Fortnite Season 2 Unicorn and Steel Bridges Locations Guide

The Fortnite Season 2 features a unique skin that lets you become Deadpool. To unlock the skin, you need to complete Deadpool’s challenges. One of those Fortnite challenges requires you to find, wait for it, Deadpool’s unicorn. Keeping in touch with the theme of unicorns you will have to embrace the rainbow by visiting the red, yellow, green, blue and purple steel bridges with the help of this Fortnite Season 2 Unicorn and Steel Bridges Locations guide.

Fortnite Season 2 Unicorn and Steel Bridges Locations

This guide will help you complete both challenges to unlock the Cuddletime Coup loading screen.

First let’s find the unicorn, head on over to Meowscles’ room and look under his bench press, you will find a stuffed unicorn there.

And as simple as that you have completed the first challenge making way for the next one, to visit all the colored steel bridges.

You can find each bridge as these spots:

  • Purple Steel Bridge can be found south of Weeping Woods, north of Slurp Swamp or in simpler terms in the middle of both locations.
  • Red Steel Bridge can be found south of Pleasant Park.
  • Green Steel Bridge can be found southeast of Frenzy Farm.
  • Blue Steel Bridge can be found East of Pleasant Park, south west of Craggy Cliffs.
  • Yellow Steel Bridge can be found east of Misty Meadows, south of Lazy Lake.

As this season also added Chopahs or helicopters, mobility and traveling is far easier and quicker. Although you can visit the bridges in different games as the challenge tracks your progression.

If you have Chopah you can visit all the locations fairly quickly in a single game. You don’t even need to get out just hover over the bridge and there you have it location visited.

All these challenges are in preparation for the Deadpool collaboration happening with Fortnite and we hope the experience is as unpredictable and fun as these challenges are.

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