Fortnite Season 2 Secret Passages Locations Guide

This Fortnite Season 2 Secret Passages Locations Guide will enlist all the known Secret passage locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 so that you can tick off the objectives of the week 2 Brutus Briefing Challenge and use these passages to your advantage in the game.

With the new Secret Passages feature in the game, you’ll find that the toilets and dumpsters that you previously used for hiding and evading the enemy, will now be teleports and whip you away to another toilet or dumpster.

A part of the Week 2 challenges was to find and use the Secret Passages. The Secret Passages have been introduced in line with the Spy Theme going on in the new Fortnite season.

Fortnite Season 2 Secret Passages Locations

With this new Spy feature, some of the toilets and dumpsters now have the ability to teleport you to another location. Some of them are two-way and some one way only. Mostly they are concentrated near the various Agent bases and Ghost or Shadow safe houses.

Using these passages is a part of the Week 2 Brutus Briefing Challenge. In order to complete the Week 2 Brutus Briefing Challenge; secret passage objective, you have to use a secret passageway in three different matches. Listed below are three Secret Passage location that you can easily find and use, along with several others.

It is also important to note that the Fortnite Secret Passages are only active in normal matches; Solo, Duos, or Squads matches, and not in Team Rumble or Creative modes.

With all that being said, let’s get right into the Secret Passages Locations;

Location #1: At the Shadow Safe House near the border of Pleasant Park there’s a building with a port-a-potty around back. Go inside the stall and it’ll take you to Shadow Safe House Alpha.

Location #2: East of Frenzy Farm, there is a little shack next to the main building. It’ll take you to Shadow Safe House Beta.

Location #3: Near the Shadow Safe House; east of Craggy Cliffs, there is a big radio tower with a dumpster nearby. It’ll take you to Shadow Safe House Charlie.

For more locations, go to the below-mentioned coordinates and look for dumpsters and porta-potties near the landmarks mentioned along.

  • B1 – The Shark
  • A2, B2 – The Islands
  • B4 – The Shadow Safe House
  • B7 – The Rig
  • E4 – The Agency
  • D5 – The Ghost Safe House
  • E7 – The Shadow Safe House
  • F2 – The Shadow Safe House
  • H1 – The Yacht
  • G4 – The Shadow Safe House
  • H5 – The Grotto

Remember, some of these locations are within Fortnite vaults, so you won’t be able to access them without a keycard.

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