Fortnite Revenue On iOS Is Significantly High Than That Of PUBG Mobile

Two of the biggest rivals in the gaming community are Fortnite and PUBG, there is no doubt about that. While the success of both the games is also remarkable, it seems like Fortnite Revenue on iOS is significantly higher than that of PUBG Mobile, lately.

We already are aware that the audience Fortnite Battle Royale, is getting on mobile is half as compared to that of PUBG’s but that does not seem to put a halt in the Fortnite Revenue. Turns out Fortnite on iOS is earning five times more revenue than that of PUBG Mobile, which is a significant gap.

Based on the stats made available by Bloomberg, in an 11 week period, ending on 18th of June, PUBG Mobile has earned about $19 million, that is about £14 million, while Fortnite on iOS has earned a whopping $92 million which is about £69.5 million.

So that should have raised some eyebrows, perhaps. What this means is that, even though PUBG Mobile players maybe twice as much, but Fortnite Revenue on iOS is five times up, which puts Fortnite in the driver seat for mobiles.

As you may already know that these both games on mobile, are free to play but Fortnite is currently only available on iOS, while PUBG is available on both iOS and Andriod.

Fortnite has not only been successful on mobile platforms, on consoles, PC, and Nintendo Switch it to has topped. For the month of April, Fortnite Revenue as a whole was, $318M and while you let that sink in, as soon as it was announced for Switch at the Nintendo Direct, the game’s account reached a whopping 150 million.

Keeping all that into context, one thing seems pretty obvious, that if Fornite keeps going at this pace, PUBG will have a lot of trouble fighting off its contender.

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