Fortnite Power Level Guide – Understanding Power Levels, How to Increase

In this Fortnite Power Level Guide, we have explained some important points about Power Levels and how they work. Power level is one of the more confusing elements when you first start playing Fortnite.

The game does very little to explain what it does and how to alter it so we have curated this Fortnite Power Level Guide so you can easily know what Power Levels are and how you can increase them. Make your heroes the ultimate heroes with this Power Level Guide.

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Fortnite Power Level Guide

Fortnite Power Level Guide details everything that you need to know about Power Levels and how to increase them.

Fortnite Power Levels Guide

What are Power Levels?

Fortnite has its own way of granting access to specific missions and how you will perform in those missions. Instead of regular character levels or other requirements, Fortnite has Power Levels that determine all your major activity in the game.

Missions and activities will have specific Power level requirements and you can only play them once you have reached that specific Power Level. Your Power level is the representation of your complete account that means it shows how powerful your character is.

This Power level is determined on the basis of four in-game stats of your hero. These stats are Fortitude, Offense, Resistance, and Tech. Collectively, they are known as F.O.R.T in the game. Your Power Level is based of these four stats. The higher these four stats are, higher will be your Power Level.

Power level also determines your chances of success in a mission. Since each mission has a specific power level requirement, you chances of success will increase if you have more than the required Power Level for that level. Let us see now how you can increase your Power level.

How to Increase Power Level

There are numerous ways to increase your Power Levels. Starting off with the first very basic one, since your Power Level is based on the four stats that constitute your F.O.R.T, you can easily increase your Power Level by simply purchasing those skills from the skill tree that enhance these four basic stats.

This is the easiest way since you will be playing the game and unlocking the skills as you play more, this will keep on increasing your Power Level at a steady pace. Equip and deselect skills to modify your Power Level. This method is very easy and highly recommended since using this method will allow you to build specific class characters and evolve them later on in the game.

A second method to increase your Power levels is by using Research Points. You earn these Research points by completing different tasks in the game. They have their own specific skill tree and this skill tree unlocks, even more, abilities that affect your F.O.R.T. Use the research points to unlock those skills which you need to increase your Power levels and you can easily adjust it as well by switching to different skills.

You can also increase your Power levels if you have high power squad members on your team. This method is only applicable if you follow the two mentioned above. You need to upgrade your squad members to make them powerful and strong.

Make sure you keep upgrading your whole squad so that none of the team members is weak, as even a single weak team member will drag down your power level. Play with a selected team, keep on upgrading them by unlocking more skills and you will have a powerful squad with a high Power Level allowing you to tackle missions that are more difficult in Fortnite.

This concludes our Fortnite Power Level Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments below!

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