Fortnite Players Want to Thank the Bus Driver Before They Jump Off, Petition Filed

After a long time, Epic has finally added thank the bus driver option. You can thank the bus driver by pressing the ‘B’ key before exiting.

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While Fortnite is never reluctant in bringing us news of all sorts; be it funny, technical or thoughtful. But this new petition filed by Fortnite players is probably the most interesting piece of information we have had since season 5 news. Fortnite players wish to thank the bus driver before they jump off.

This strange and honest request presented in a true sense of mannerism is available on Change.Org. The initiator of this movement, Kody Keddie wrote:

Since I was just a boy I have always loved jumping out of the battle bus, but all this time I have felt something was missing. And that thing is the ability to thank the driver of the battle bus, he or she is truly a great person and they provide us a great service, I think it is time we can truly appreciate their service, don’t you agree?

The support that Kody got for this campaign has also been phenomenal as far as appreciation and responses go. The petition is just 500 signatures shy of meeting the 1500 goal. Meanwhile, the positive remarks she got have also been encouraging. Some of the comments are can be read below:

– I cannot sleep at night knowing that a bus driver is forced to drive that battle bus 24/7 without a single ‘thank you.’ We need this feature,”
– Amazing. Wonderful cause. I think the bus drivers of Fortnite deserve more respect.

The hype and awareness this petition has raised would certainly make voices heard. Surely, Epic Games would have taken due note of this movement and would surely consider providing their fan-base with the ultimate gaming experience.

At the end of the day, Fortnite gamers might have upset mothers worldwide due to the recent controversy of Fortnite being too addictive for kids in the meantime petitions like these also represent the same gaming community and send a positive message from Fortnite fraternity to the haters around the world.

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