Fortnite Player Served Instant Karma For Ruining In-Game Memorial

Epic Games erected a tomb stone a Fortnite player headed there to take it down to his surprise the mob that immediately went after him.

Every time, there is some player who doesn’t let others relish the moment. A similar case happened with the memorial placed in remembering a failed rescue mission. The mission under discussion is the one which went viral a while back.

In this heroic-turned-comic rescue mission, the Fortnite player being saved turned up getting killed by mistake. The rescuer accidentally killed the fellow Fortnite player but was still hailed for his efforts anyhow. In homage to this iconic moment, Epic Games created a memorial at the same place where the rescue operation was attempted. However, it did not take long for one Fortnite player to reach the place and destroy the tombstone. Little did he know that a mob was right behind to take the Fortnite player out instantly.

It would be correct to say that justice was served and so was karma to that cheeky player. The Fortnite player was maybe not aware of the prominence of the tombstone but he tried to destroy it still. That was the time he got stunned by being swarmed and put an end to.

The response to the actions by the Fortnite player was:

“I did not realize the grave was breakable at Chappadoodle’s funeral, my apologies everyone that was there :(“

The public response to it on Reddit was even hilarious:

“He took on the force of a thousand suns,”
“When you have the F key bound to swing pickaxe. And you’re just trying to pay respects.”

As of now, Epic Games have not yet commented on the matter but when they do we can hope it will be an epic one.

It seems like that specific place on the map is destined for epic encounters. First, we witnessed the rescue mission fail and now this karma incident with the Fortnite player. Epic Games might consider creating an indestructible monument this time around.

Astute eSports Gamer.