Fortnite Patch 4.2 Delayed But Burst Assault Rifle is Here

Today Fortnite servers were scheduled to go down and following that, Fortnite Patch 4.2 was to roll out. Although now the patch has been delayed according to Epic games, still, there is a brighter side to it as well. Epic games have been generous enough to bring the Burst Assault Rifle in the game.

It’s a bit of a beast from what we hear.

This is the latest weapon to be added to the armory and this expected weapon shares a lot of visual similarities with the FAMAS; which is a real-world assault rifle used by the French police and military.

Call of Duty veterans will recognize this FMAS weapon instantly and as one of the most overpowered weapons in the original Black Ops. That said, this weapon also appeared in Modern Warfare 2.

This FAMAS can function as both fully automatic as well as what the name suggests, a Burst Assault Rifle. In Fortnite this weapon will probably be more similar to the one we have seen in Modern Warfare 2 version. It is also a bullpup rifle, which means that its reload time just might be a little slow. Since a bullpup rifle loads magazine towards the back of the gun.

Today will also mark the beginning of Fortnite Week 3 challenges but since the Fortnite Patch 4.2 has been delayed, you can expect a few hiccups with the patch roll out. So probably some of those challenges might not work as they should.

Talking about Fortnite, there has been an interesting rumor afloat lately, which suggests that Fortnite Battle Royale might be in the works for Nintendo Switch. This rumor comes from a job listing of Iron Galaxy, which claims that the studio is working on porting Fortnite to Nintendo Switch.

That said, if you experience any issue in the game, we would recommend you to stay put for a little while, Epic Games will certainly be taking care of this very soon.