Fortnite On Nintendo Switch Online Will Be Available Without Subscription

Nintendo Switch Online service is being reported to have an online subscription as mandatory for most of the games to be played on the console after it is released on September 18. While confirming the news of the release date for the service Nintendo also revealed that Fortnite would be free-to-play even after the service comes out.

After the news of the Nintendo Switch Online service started to come out, one of the initial questions that popped up in the minds of users was whether all games would call for a subscription. Nintendo clearly mentioned that the Switch Online service would not require Fortnite and such games to subscribe to the service for the game to be playable.

Nintendo disclosed this information during an Online FAQ session about Switch Online subscription service. The definition of such games has not been clearly set or described until now. Therefore the boundaries are not yet final on which games apart from Fortnite would be a part of this category in Nintendo Switch Online service.

Perhaps, Warframe would go on to join this kind by alongside Fortnite. Let’s wait and see if all the free-to-play games are going to have the same privilege or Fortnite is just special because it is the talk of the town nowadays.

The PlayStation 4 Plus subscription is also giving the same advantage to F2P games. Hence, Sony has made sure that Fortnite is free for PS4 users too. Although, Xbox One players would certainly have to pay a price to enjoy the free-to-play battle royale game that the whole world is going crazy about nowadays.

Nintendo, however, has decided to be on the safer side because they would not wish to lose a vast majority of users tuning in to play the hottest game in the world right now. Moreover, losing $20 per year would not be a huge loss to Nintendo’s revenue in comparison with the loss they would have to bear by losing all those users.


Players who wish to play more than just Fortnite can also pre-order the membership for Nintendo Switch Online before the start of the subscription service too.

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