Special Fortnite Nintendo Switch Variant Revealed For Europe, New Zealand, Australia

Nintendo has revealed a special Fortnite Nintendo Switch variant for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand to celebrate the success of the game on the console. The variant will be releasing on October 30, so if you like Fortnite and are in the market for a Switch, you can try and get it yourself.

Fortnite, when it was released on the Switch in 2018, very rapidly became the most-downloaded game on that console in Europe, which is likely why the Fortnite version of the Switch is only available in those regions. While Fortnite is popular all over the world, apparently other regions aren’t embracing it as much as Europe is.

The console is most definitely a Fortnite-playing machine, too. Fortnite comes pre-installed on it, so you don’t have to worry about finding the game and downloading it onto the console. It’s also decorated in the Fortnite style, with yellow and blue JoyCons and a huge amount of icons all over the console.

Along with the game coming pre-installed, the Fortnite Nintendo Switch also comes with a special bundle, specifically the Wildcat Bundle download code so that you can pick up some snazzy new costumes in the game. You’ll also get the Sleek Strike Back bling, and 2000 V-Bucks.

Since battle passes in Fortnite are only 950 V-Bucks, the 2000 that thew console comes with could be very handy in making sure that you’ll have enough to buy at least two battle passes, if you only use those V-bucks to begin with. That, plus all of the bling, might make this a worthy purchase if you were looking to get the bundle yourself (especially considering what all’s happening this season).

Once again, the Fortnite Nintendo Switch will only be available for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for the time being. It will also not be coming out until October 30. So far there is no pre-order option, so if you’re in any of those regions you should keep on the lookout of the Switch interests you.