Fortnite Mobile Guide – Building, Weapons, Awareness (Beginners Tips And Tricks)

The mobile version of Fortnite plays a lot different from the PC version. Of course, that is to be expected since the hardware requirements are so discrepant as is the control scheme. Even experienced Fortnite players may learn a thing or two from this Fortnite Mobile Guide as it outlines the basics of how to play and win the compact Battle Royale.

This Fortnite Mobile Guide will guide you through the basics of the entire game. Everything will be covered such as how can you build in the mobile version. Apart from that, we will provide numerous tips and tricks so that you always have a trick or two up your sleeve when you play the game.

Fortnite Mobile Guide

A lot of the basic stuff is the same in the mobile game. For example, if you want to place a marker on the map. All you need to do is to tap the map on the top left corner and then tap on the map where you want to place the marker.

The control scheme is similar to most FPS games on mobile devices. You can move with the virtual analogue stick and aim by dragging your finger across the screen. The item pick is automatic and you can drop them by opening your bag. For the most part, the controls are quite clunky and minor things like having to press the Aim Down Sight button on your screen really take away from the smooth experience that the PC version of Fortnite provides.

As we said before, this Fortnite Mobile Guide will try to make adjusting to the clunky controls of the game a little easier for you. Remember that tapping the screen will fire a shot, so it is best if you try to be as smooth as possible with your aiming hand. Another thing to remember is that it is better to use your right hand in a way that you can press all three of your fingers on the screen at once rather than try to hold the phone as a controller.


You get notifications which can provide you the location of where the chest is and you can get extra items. You will also get a notification when an enemy fires or when an enemy is near you. There is not much accuracy in the game so firefights usually end up being a massive cluster of people shooting at each other. It is best to try and isolate people since the game is quite demanding on your device and it is probable that you will be facing a lot of lags in large firefights.

Tips and Strategies

As far as the strategy is concerned, it is best to not be too elaborate and complex with it. The clumsy controls mean that you will not be able to pull of amazing build maneuvers and nor will you be able to use stealth due to the notifications system. It is best to stay together if you are playing in a squad and just be far enough so that you do not take damage from a bullet intended for someone else.

When you are in the fights, always remember the importance of cover and mobility. It is best to remember that there are not enough players in the game with god like aim that you see on the PC version. For this reason, chances are that people will have trouble shooting you behind cover. Another way you can easily stand out from among the crowd is by constantly moving and jumping. This will make you incredibly harder to hit, even more so than before!


The developers understand how difficult it is to play an FPS game on mobile devices, especially one as complex as Fortnite. For this reason, you have the notifications which pop up to alert you to the presence of enemies and crates. It is best if you always keep an eye out on the notifications bar so that you can easily anticipate the next moves of the enemy.


This is the phase of the Fortnite Mobile Guide in which we tell you which weapons to use. The mobile edition works different to the PC or the Console one so it is best if you adapt to that. From what we have seen, the shotgun is perfect since it is more forgiving for players who are not that good at aiming.

Try to use the Semi Auto one since it allows you to have multiple chances in a fire fight due to its decent rate of fire as opposed to the Pump Action one. Apart from that, the AR Auto also works better than most other weapons due to its consistent DPS and good accuracy at long ranges.

The SMGs and the Scoped Weapons are something that you should probably avoid. The shotgun is far better on the small screen in close range combat than the SMG is, and the scoped weapons require precise aiming along with quick reflexes which are quite difficult to perfect on a hand held device.

Lastly, the rocket launchers are great for the mobile edition. You can easily use them since they have the explosion damage in a radius and it is much easier to hit enemies than it is with other weapons.


Before we end this Fortnite Mobile Guide, we are going to teach you how to build in the pocket version of the game. To start building, you need to enter the build mode by pressing the ‘Build’ icon to the right side of your weapons. The button has a hammer and a spanner crossing each other and is consistent with the PC and Console versions so it should not be that hard to find.

Once you have entered into the build mode, you will be able to cycle through the various different items that you have in your arsenal and you will be able to start building by pressing the icon of whatever it is that you want to build. Once you select the item, press the screen in the area that you want your building to be placed.

When you are done building, press the Build button again to go back into combat mode. Building will definitely take some time getting used to so do not worry if you are unable to get the hang of it in the first few games.

That is all we have for our Fortnite Mobile Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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