Fortnite Leaks Reveal New Upoming Features, Sentry Guns, Skins And More

Recently new Fortnite Leaks have emerged which show off various new upcoming features in the game. Those upcoming new features include new sentry turret trap, an icon for the incoming comment and toilet paper skydiving trails.

The leaks are not in the form of pictures, so at the moment even the leaks are pretty raw. The leaks have been mined by a user known as Mr Proper, who uploaded the list of new features items to Imgur.

The list of these upcoming features is pretty long, which is what the excitement is all about.

Upcoming skins include Pajama Party, Taxi, Red Shirt, Pizza, Fish Head, and many more. New skydiving trail effects, and above all the toilet paper trail which is the most exciting new feature.

Many fans on Reddit have noted that the sentry turret is already in Fortnite Save the world. The issue with it was that it was highly overpowered.

Fans are hoping that it won’t be as lethal when it appears in Battle Royale. New comet event, has also been mentioned, although not much detail has been highlighted in that aspect.

Referring to the comet event, recently Fortnite players have been speculating that the Tilted Towers will get destroyed by a comet in the coming updates perhaps.

Since this is just a theory, we cannot be certain. Although with the reference in the upcoming list, there is certainly going to be a lot of discussions on this.

With all that said, we have no idea, when will these features be included, since this news comes from data miners. Let us hope at least the toilet paper trail comes through because that is what we have our eyes peeled for.

What are your thoughts about the Comet theory? Let us know in the comments below.