Fortnite Lazy Lake Fireworks Locations Guide

If you are still craving the fourth of July fireworks, seems like Fortnite got you covered. With the new daily challenge, you will be lighting up plenty of fireworks around Lazy Lake. In this Fortnite Lazy Lake Fireworks guide, we will give away the locations of all the fireworks and what you need set off in order to complete this challenge.

Fortnite Lazy Lake Fireworks Locations

These fireworks are an embodiment of Fortnite’s fixation with Captain America. The fireworks will light up in the sky in a beautiful formation representing Captain America’s iconic shield.

You will be rewarded 14,000 XP for entertaining yourself and showcasing Captain America’s shield.

How to Complete the Fireworks Challenge
There are several fireworks scattered around Lazy Lake and you will have to send any five of them blasting off in the sky to complete the challenge.

When you come across the fireworks, you’ll be prompted to press and hold the Use button to light em up. Do it five times at five different locations and you’ll complete this daily challenge.

The fireworks will only spawn once and if someone else lights them up before you, leaving less than five fireworks behind, you’ll not be able to complete the daily challenge in that game.


Fireworks Locations
Most of them are concentrated towards the north of Lazy Lake in grid square F6, and they aren’t much far off from the point of interest. There is a firework towards the east, south-east, and south-west of Lazy Lake.

However, there are few locations across the river, further away from Lazy Lake and they can be troublesome to find. All of these locations are mentioned below.

One of them is located towards the west of Lazy Lake right beside a tree.


Another one is located behind the above-mentioned location, further west, on top of a cliff. Harvest some lumber and build yourself a ramp rather than going around the cliff.

The third one is towards the south of the second-mentioned fireworks, located on yet another cliff.

Lastly, the fourth one is towards the west of the third fireworks and it is located on top of a hill.

There are obviously a lot more Fireworks scattered around Lazy Lake in FN but finding them shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Once you find and set off 5 of these fireworks, you will have successfully completed the challenge.

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