K-Pop Dance And New Emotes Apparently Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite has been a huge success and it always comes up with something new for everyone whether it’s a weapon, a gadget, a skin or a dance. This one is for K-Pop fans as according to the recent leaks, Fortnite is going to include some K-Pop inspired emotes to the game.

It was leaked on Twitter by a user whose primary focus is to bring Fortnite leaks. He shared some emotes with the users and the first one has reminded us of none other than K-Pop which involves spreading our hands like wings and believe you can fly like an eagle.

This flapping dance can be none other than the famous dance of TWICE Dahyun.

This is the infinite dab which everyone already knows about and it’ll be really fun to use in the game.

Then comes a combination which is being called True Heart/Kpop and it will remind you of the MOMOLAND, AOA and Blackpink dance.

It’s all leaks and there is no expected release date for these emotes to arrive in the game but it is definitely great to see K-Pop making it’s way to the most game of the current generation.

In other news, you should be aware that scammers are targeting Fortnite players with bogus offers, recently a kid got scammed twice when he was offered to buy a Fortnite account which had emotes, skins and dance but it was all a fraud.

Fortnite community has been a target of scammers along with white supremacists. An ex-member of white supremacist team revealed that they used to target Fortnite and Call Of Duty players and recruit them. The best practice is to not buy anything other than the in-game store on Fortnite and don’t reveal your details or even talk to anyone online.

Are you happy with K-Pop being included in the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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