Fortnite is a Major Hit on iOS

Fortnite and Epic Games are seeing major success, news has been coming from all around the world telling how much addictive and popular it is. And thanks to its current popularity, Fornite is live on iOS and already a hit.

Recently an all-star session took place on Fortnite which included the famous singer Drake, Travis Scott playing with a famous streamer named Ninja on twitch setting a new record of views. After this huge news trending worldwide on Twitter, Epic Games released the beta for iOS, mobile, and iPad this morning with invites sent out to the players who signed up for it.

So another day and another achievement for the Epic Games. They started a limited distribution of the game invites which started a few hours ago and apparently was enough to make Fortnite the most downloadable game ever in the United States and placing No. 3 in Canada and No. 5 in Great Britain. These statistics were published by Gamesbeat through app tracking firm sensor tower.

Keeping in mind this is all happening while the game is still in beta. Fornite aims to bring same last player standing victory game to the mobile devices, dropping 100 players from the battle bus into an island, the only one who kills and survives until he is the last one standing wins, bringing the same game experience which everyone enjoyed on PC and console.

Fortnite aims to take on the mobile game market after establishing itself on the console and PC. The game is only facing competition from Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, which seems to fall behind because of the lack of optimization and bugs found on it, clearly, giving way to the huge ongoing success of Fornite.

Fortnite is now available to play on mobile and Epic plans to send out more invites to the people, there is no official date announced for the release, maybe around E3. If you haven’t got an invite yet on mobile don’t worry, you can still play the game on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC until you get one.

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