Fortnite Guide – Best Places to Loot, Best Weapons, How to Farm V-Bucks, Items, Building Tips

Fortnite is one of the most played battle royale games out there. Fortnite has made its mark as a survival game similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In the past, if you have played survival games or battle royale games like PUBGs and H1Z1, then you should have no problems at all. Our Fortnite Guide covers all aspects of the game.

Fortnite Guide will help you to identify good loot locations, best weapons, V-Bucks farming, and some tips and tricks. Our Fortnite Guide also explains some tricks to survive and how to overcome problems that will be coming your way!

Fortnite Guide

Fortnite was released back in Jul. 25, 2017. The game took the gaming world by the storm! Early Access was Pay-to-Play but now it is Free-to-Play. It is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Identical to other battle royale games like H1Z1 and PUBGs, Fortnite sees 100 players dropping from the sky to face the ultimate survival challenge. Your job is to be the last man standing by hunting other players on the map or sneak past them.

Every player drops from a rocket ship and parachutes on the map with no equipment except a ‘Pickaxe’ which is very important to gather materials; these are then used to craft walls and stairs. Crafting these walls quickly can result in a life-saving situation. Walls are also an effective way to suppress oncoming damage.

After parachuting and landing on the map, you will see a circle on the mini-map. This white circle is very important to keep an eye on because if you’re not inside the white area, you will die in the Blue Storm.

After the white circle shrinks, the Blue Storm starts to take over that area which does damage depending on the number of circles went by. Therefore, make sure you are standing in a safe area – at all times!

Best Places You Can Receive Good Loot From!

In this section of our Fortnite Guide, we will help you identify the best places where you want to head to get ready for combat. These places will definitely help you in finding the best equipment, weapons, and ammunition.

However, do note that these areas will be highly contested and you should expect company before landing in these areas. Therefore, the guide will help you in finding the best landing areas where you can find good weapons.

Dusty Depot
Dusty Depot is a great area when it comes to looting with three main hangers which, almost every time, gives you superior weapons. Chances of finding Small Chests are also great. In these chests; you can find ammo and other items. The area is right in the center which makes it very competitive, therefore, expect a lot of company. This area is a must-go when me and my friend lobby together.

Salty Springs
Salty spring is almost next to Dusty Depot. Not many players usually drop here, so feel safe while looting! When crossing a building, you can hear the sound of chest nearby so keep a check for the chiming noise. Four players squad can easily find enough loot in the area.

Wailing Wood
Wailing Wood has much to offer for squad up to four, therefore, this is one of the most populated areas in Fortnite. While dropping on the top of the building, you can search for a chest by just running over them. This chest gives some much-needed items. These chests have been a lifesaver for me in different difficult situations.

Best Weapons in Fortnite

Fortnite battle royale provides a lot of weapons to you to keep going! In this section of our Fortnite Guide, we have a list of few guns that will help you decide which gun to keep and which ones to leave behind. These weapons are available all over the map so you will have to search a little in order to find them.

In addition to this, we have also tried to include weapons from a variety of different Weapon Types so that you can easily find one that complements your play style.

Scar Rifle Assault
Scar Rifle compared to others Assault Rifles is the best overall! The weapon provides a great amount of firepower with large magazine size and effective fire-rate.

Close-to-medium range accuracy, Scar is one of those weapons that you just cannot leave behind! The Scar is very lethal when in a hand of a pro! The weapon does lack a little when it comes to long-range but you should be good as long as you take smart fights.

Scoped Assault Rifle
Scoped Rifle is the most effective weapons to take on medium-to-long range fights. Its great marksmanship capability allows taking someone out of the game in a flash. It easily remains one of the best weapons in the game.

It offers a great variety of things like quick reload, higher magazine size, fast aiming, and scout long distances for any potential danger. However, in close-range action, never consider the weapon and always go for a shotgun or SMG.

Pump Shotgun
The Pump Shotgun is highly effective in close-range fights. If you are looking for insane power and better versatility, then this should be your weapon of choice.

The weapon works great at close-range and it’s not bad medium-range either. Keeping a Pump Shotgun for late game is not a bad idea when you are up close and personal.

Silenced Pistol
Silenced Pistol is a suppressed pistol; meaning when you fire at other players, they will not be able to hear and identify your location. This bad boy carries a huge punch when fired at someone but I wouldn’t recommend going only with this Silenced Pistol and something more reliable like an Assault.

All Items in Fortnite Battle Royale

In Fortnite battle royale mode, you can find different items like Traps, Bush, Launchpad, Medkit and more. All these items have their own unique benefits that will provide you with heal, buffs, and assistance of some kind. These items are good to keep and will help you as the game progresses.

Bush is a stealth mechanic where you carry a bush around and it’s quite hard to detect anyone in it! The item is effective for early to mid-game and it’s not hard to find this item. When in the last 2 circles where players become more alert, you can ditch this item and concentrate on crafting a base.

Spike Trap
Spike Trap is insanely good depending on their positioning. These traps do a lot of damage and are almost an instant kill if the enemy doesn’t pay attention to the floor. Ceilings, walls, and floors are all ideal places to place these traps.

Launch Pad
This trap is my favorite one; Launchpad allows you jump high into the air and land behind the enemy! Because you have to first take a leap into the air, I would recommend putting this trap in the last stages of the game. Tall structure is an ideal place for this trap where you can scout out enemies and land behind them up close and personal with a Pump Shotgun. Boom!

Shield Potions
This is one the most important items in Fortnite because it gives you almost another life depending on the shield. Shield Potion grants you 50% boost to the shield you already have if you have any. This is a must-keep the item and trust me, you wouldn’t regret keeping it in your inventory.

Mini Shield Potions
Mini Shield Potion works identical to Shield Potion but in comparison, it grants you only 25% shields up to a maximum total of 50%. To get to 100%, you need Shield Potion.

Bandages are one of the most used items. It allows you heal 15 HP per Bandage up to a total of 75 out of 100. At the start, this item can make your life much easier with fights happening all around you. Bandages are not very good in later stages of the game due to its low healing capabilities.

Medkit takes you from 1 to 100 HP in a flash but these kits are not very easy to find! This is the best healing item in the game and the most useful one. Therefore, keep a Medkit in your backpack, as these can save your life in the later stage of the game.

Getting More V-Bucks

V-Bucks is the Premium Currency and it is highly important to know how to farm this as effectively as possible. There is more than one way to earn these V-Bucks because of the game having two different modes available. As for battle royale mode, there are a few ways to farm these V-Bucks.

One of the best and easiest way to earn this currency is, by logging in daily and receiving the daily reward, and each day you’ll have a chance to earn V-Bucks. On the other hand, you can complete the daily and weekly quests which will reward you in a different way like Heroes, Schematics, Survivors and including V-Bucks.

Collection Book is also a great source to earn these V-Bucks. By using your “extra” Heroes, Survivors, Schematics, and even Weapons and other items into the Collection Book it gives you experience when completed the book will end up rewarding you with something good or if you are lucky then V-Bucks maybe.

Tips and Tricks To Survive Fortnite

Survival in Fortnite is not an easy task if it’s battle royale mode or any other mode in that case. If you have played other similar survival games like PUBG or any other, you will find this one different in so many ways.

Introduction to arcade animation, crafting, and bullet drops will be there but you’ll be fine once you get the hang of it. This section of our Fortnite Guide will provide you some general Tips and Tricks to improve your game.

Be Careful, Pay Attention!
Like other survival games, you have pay attention to the surrounding wherever you drop on the map. From the start, count the parachutes deployed in the air to see how many opponents you have in that area. Listening is a very important aspect of identifying a chest nearby or a potential enemy hiding in a building.

While exploring the map, be very careful while entering any building because they might contain traps that will instantly kill you. Pay attention to what you are carrying and what you have dropped from the backpack. Sometimes, unknowingly, you can just drop the wrong weapon that can lead to your death.

Building Defenses
Building Defenses makes Fortnite unique from other battle royale games. Pickaxe is a go-to weapon to gather materials. With a single swing, you can gather a few materials, depending on the type of material you are swinging on. In the case of the building, you require materials.

There are 3 types of materials i.e. Wood, Brick, and Iron. The building can help when you are taking more than one fight at a time. If you are not using this aspect, you will not survive for long.

Loot Chests
Loot Chests are the most rewarding chests in Fortnite. First, you should listen to a sound like a whooshing chime which indicates that there is loot chest dropped nearby! These drops make the area hotspot on the map, so expect company every time you go for a Loot Chest.

These are the Golden Chests containing Golden Weapons and different items which are highly recommended! The rewards inside the chests are random so expect anything from these chests. Therefore, keep an eye on these chests because they can be very rewarding.

This is all we have in our Fortnite Guide to Everything. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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