Fortnite Season 4 Groot Awakening Challenges Guide

This is a brief guide for Fortnite Groot Awakening Challenge that you are tasked with in Season 4 Battle Pass. We will tell you how you can unlock the Season 4 exclusive Groot skin and all the steps you need to complete for the Groot Awakening Challenge.

Fortnite Groot Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Season 4 has arrived and has brought the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes along with it.

Players can unlock their favorite Marvel hero’s skin as they climb the Battle Pass by gaining XP and completing Daily and Weekly Challenges.

Each new skin comes with their own emote and set of unique challenges, called ‘Awakening Challenges’.

Rewards for completing these unique challenges include an exclusive emotes for the skins and a themed harvesting tool or accessory.

Before discussing the Groot Awakening Challenges, we must discuss what the player needs to unlock the Groot Skin.

Unlocking the Groot Skin
Groot becomes available about halfway through the season; when you reach Tier 38 while, Groot’s Awakening Challenges unlock at Tier 46.

Groot can be unlocked on both the free and paid tier of the Battle Pass but you need to buy the Battle Pass to access his Awakening Challenges.

(Buying the Battle Pass will let you unlock the Rocket Emote and Baby Groot Back Bling as well.)

How to Complete Groot Awakening Challenges

Once you reach Tier 46 on the Battle Pass, you can now complete the Groot’s simple awakening challenges.

All you need to do is visit two locations on the map so this can be completed fairly easily.

Here are the two challenges that you need to complete and their locations on the map

  • As Groot, plant a seed on the Heart-Shaped Island.
  • As Groot, emote at a friendship monument.

For the first challenge, all you need to do land on the Heart-Shaped island off the coast of Holly Hedges.

You will see a beam of light, pointing you to where you’ll need to plant the seed.

For the second challenge, you need to go to the Friendship Monument which is located West of Sweaty Sands and East of Fort Crumpet.

The Friendship Monument is a reference to the previous seasons of Fortnite chapter 2, where The Hayman from Frenzy Farm and The Pipeman from the south of the map have finally met each other for a radical High-Five pose.

All you need to do is stand in front of the Friendship Monument and open your emote wheel.

You will notice that all your emotes are gone and are replaced with the Groot’s “Battle Brother emote”.

Activate that, and Rocket will appear on Groot’s back.

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