Fortnite Golden Pipe Wrench Locations Guide

It’s the end of our traditional season passes here in Fortnite. That means the week 10 challenges are in and everyone is vying for the sweet-looking Ghost or Shadow variant for Midas skin. One step for those skins involves finding some treasure and in this guide, we will give you these Fortnite Golden Pipe Wrench Locations.

Fortnite Golden Pipe Wrench Locations

Before you unlock the Midas skin style, you would have to go through this week’s challenges. One of the toughest of which is finding 5 pipes scattered all over the map, fortunately for you our guide happens to be here to help you out.

Now, these don’t have markers or anything of the sort so, so they are a bit hard to locate.

Below we will be illustrating each sector and location as accurately as possible so you don’t have to worry about doing a lot of searching.

The golden pipe wrenches are located in the following places for Week 10 challenges

  • In the sector C1. At the top of Lockie’s lighthouse.
  • In the sector will find the Pipe Man in possession of the wrench.
  • In the sector H2. On a pipe coming out of a building in Steamy Stacks.
  • In the sector B6. At the base of the pipe structure in Shanty Town.
  • In the sector H4. On the western side of Dirty Docks, down at the bottom of some pipes in a pit.

Now go on and complete the challenge, and get ready for the upcoming Midas loyalty challenge.

It’s better to keep your calendars free, which won’t take much effort because of COVID19, so stay safe and enjoy the upcoming mega-events planned in Fortnite.

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