Fortnite Giant Face Locations Guide – Giant Faces in Desert, Jungle, and Snow

With the help of our Fortnite Giant Face Locations Guide, you will be able to learn all about finding Giant Faces in Desert, Jungle, and Snow for Season 8.

Another season of Fortnite is out which means map changes hence new challenges are now open in the air.

For Season 8 Week 1 challenges, the game has set up some Faces of Giants that are to be visited in order to complete the Weekly Challenge which will unlock the Battle Stars.

Fortnite Giant Face Locations

The Giant Faces are set up in Desert, Snow, and Jungle. Well, there are not any other places the faces can be hidden, as we all know that Fortnite map is divided into three biomes.

Anyway, to save you from the grinding and give you the convenience of visiting these locations easily, we have summoned up a Fortnite Guide for these 3 locations.

East of the Sunny Steps

This is the location that is to be found in the jungle. The face is in the direction of the southeast and is made from rocks, almost looking like a mountain.

As you will progress further towards it, you will receive the notification that the location has been ticked off.


South of Paradise Palms

This location is in the desert. The Giant’s Face is located at the coast, over the mountain and is facing north. Again, just visit the location and you do not even have to climb on the face if you are close enough and get the notification.

Southeast of Happy Hamlet

This last location is situated in the snow. The face is directed towards the east. You can use either the balloon or the Driftboard on this location. You will receive the last notification of the completion.

Now that you have completed your challenge, soon you will be receiving your Battle Pass and you can carry on with another one of your Weekly Challenges.