Fortnite Creative Director Teases G.I. Joe Crossover (Again)

Fortnite does appear to be in for a potential crossover with the G.I. Joe franchise, an announcement for which should be inbound in the coming days.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, creative director Donald Mustard shared a seemingly innocuous picture of him going over an unknown graphic novel. It however was not hard for fans to spot the Arashikage logo on his forearm.

Arashikage is a clan of highly trained ninjas from the G.I. Joe universe. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow hail from the same ninja family. Mustard teasing the Arashikage symbol is also not his first doing. He has changed his Twitter location to the Arashikage Clan and a few months ago teased new content for Fortnite with a Snake Eyes action figure in the background. A potential crossover with the G.I. Joe franchise has hence been strongly speculated since then.

It goes without saying that both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are possibly making their way into Fortnite. Whether the crossover will feature more characters from the G.I. Joe franchise remains to be seen. Epic Games usually considers dropping multiple characters (and items) from a single crossover deal.

Considering the back-to-back teases, fans should expect an official announcement and reveal to go live fairly soon. Epic Games may possibly use the G.I. Joe crossover opportunity to add a few exclusive goodies for all Fortnite Crew subscribers as well.

Fortnite in the meanwhile continues to run its fifth season for the second chapter. The new thematic roadmap follows the greatest hunters of the multiverse. Kratos and Master Chief from the God of War and Halo franchises have already been added. The T-800 terminator and other characters like Agent Jonesy have dropped as well.

Fortnite is now available on pretty much every single platform out there.

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