How to Unlock the Free Guy Emote in Fortnite Season 7

With Free Guy finally releasing, it was only a matter of time it made its way to Fortnite. Players can now acquire a free emote by completing the Free Guy Quests. In this guide, we will show you How to Unlock the Free Guy Emote in Fortnite by completing all of the quests.

How to Unlock the Free Guy Emote in Fortnite

Season 7 of Fortnite brings in new skins, emotes, and a number of new surprises for players to discover. You’ve got the Superman Skin, new Alien Artifacts every week, and now the Free Guy emote to add to your style!

The key to unlocking the emote is that you will have to complete the free guy quests. The quests can be taken from ATM slots spread all over the map, they have been placed at every gas station and point-of-interest in the game.

There will be a total of five quests you need to complete to meet the requirements of the Free Guy emote. There are a total of six Free Guy Quests available for you to do.

Free Guy Quests in Fortnite Season 7

The best part or maybe the worst part, depending on the person is that you don’t have to deal any damage to others throughout the series of these quests.

Here are all six quests, of which you only need to complete 5, because as you will find out, you can’t complete the sixth quest without having the emote.

  • Get hit by a moving vehicle.
  • Place coins around the map 3 times
  • Reboot or revive teammates, or interact with campfires
  • Take melee damage, damage from guns doesn’t count
  • Talk with any NPC
  • Use Free Guy Emote near an opponent

All of these are pretty self-explanatory, however, you might need an extra helping hand to get hit by a moving vehicle or placing coins around the map three times for the Free Guy quests.

Keep in mind that you only need to complete five of these in order to unlock the Emote, as the sixth one cannot be done without the Free Guy Emote. You also need to visit an ATM every time you want to start a new quest as they don’t automatically appear in your quest log otherwise like the weekly quests.

Get Hit by a Moving Vehicle

This one is very easy to do if you are playing with friends. Just take turns hitting each other with a vehicle and you will complete the quest and not even take any damage. However, if you are playing solo it can be a bit of a nuisance.

For solo players, you can either build a ramp, drive the car up it and then quickly get out to get hit by it or try to drive up a cliff. It is best to take a slow vehicle like a truck, try to drive up a steep cliff and then quickly get out without pressing on the brakes.

If you time it right, the vehicle will slowly start moving back down the cliff. Just run up behind it and let the vehicle hit you to complete the quest.

Place Coins Around the Map 3 Times

To complete this part of the quest you’ll have to wander around various locations marked on the map below (Pick any 3) and go ahead and interact with them to place a coin and add progress to your quest.

Once you’ve done three of these, the quest will be marked as complete and you can move on to the rest of them fairly easily.

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