Fortnite Foraged Apples at Orchard Location Guide

Item foraging has been in Fortnite for ages and unless you are a new player, you probably know what they are. Just a quick review, Fortnite Foraged items are basic consumables that spawn around the map and can be used to get boosts like health and shield, depending on what item you consumed. Here we have for you a Fortnite Foraged Apples at Orchard Location Guide to complete a new weekly challenge.

Now that Fortnite Chapter 2 has a new map, the location of previously stated foraged items no longer apply so here’s a guide for the location of Foraged Apples for you in Fortnite, either if you are going for the Fortnite challenges (which you probably are) or just looking to consume these apples for some quick health.

Apples provide +5 Health. To complete the weekly challenges that require you to consume foraged apples at Orchard, all you need to do is find that orchard and consume apples from the orchard in the game.

How to Find and Consume Fortnite Foraged Apples at Orchard

You can easily find the orchard with foraged apples in the North East of Frenzy Farms. You will find a bunch of apples on the floor. Consume them to get the extra health. However, to consume them, you need to lower your health as they cannot be consumed with a complete health bar of 100 HP.

To ensure getting Apples, all you have to do is directly land here at the start of the game, land on a tree to land quicker and then jump down to get some fall damage. This will allow you to eat some foraged Apples.

Try to get your health to 89 to be able to consume 3 apples and head on your way, looking for weapons, killing other players, regular stuff.

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