Fortnite Evolution Guide – How to Evolve Heroes, Hero Evolution

Fortnite Evolution Guide to help with the character evolution in Fortnite. In this Fortnite Evolution Guide, we have listed everything you should know about how to evolve your heroes and where you need to go in order to evolve your hero.

Character evolution is one of the core elements of Fortnite and is one of the most complicated elements. Therefore, we have curated this detailed Fortnite Evolution Guide so that you can easily evolve your character in Fortnite without any problems in the right way. Easily increase your hero’s powers, unlock new abilities and attempt more difficult mission with the help of this Fortnite Evolution Guide.

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Fortnite Evolution Guide

In our Fortnite Evolution Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about the hero evolution in Fortnite.

How to Evolve your Hero

In Fortnite, there are four basic classes, which are denoted by respective colors. Red is the soldier class, blue represents Constructors, green is the Outlanders class while Yellow is the Ninjas class. Each of these skill trees are unique in their own way so you can be whoever you want to be. Choosing nodes will make you proficient in that specific class. Decide your playstyle and pick your desired class accordingly.

Every hero class can evolve but how they evolve is different for every class. To upgrade your hero, you must access the Heroes Tab. The Heroes tab is located in the main menu. Once inside the menu, you can scroll through various available heroes.

Select the hero you wish to evolve and the game will show you different options in which the selected hero can be evolved to. These requirements can be a specific level for that hero or it can also be certain materials, which you will be required to collect before you can actually evolve your hero.

Another important requirement before you evolve your hero is the skills tree. Skills tree has many skills that you can buy for your hero. For some evolutions, certain skills are necessary. So in order to evolve that specific way, you will be required to purchase those specific set of skills before you can actually evolve your character. To evolve your hero, you must meet all the requirements, level up to the required levels and collect all the necessary materials. Once you fulfill the requirement, you will be able to evolve your hero.

This concludes our Fortnite Evolution Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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