Fortnite Double XP Weekend Runs From Today To Monday Before Season 5

Fortnite Season 5 is coming up quickly, and now’s your perfect chance to get into the game if you haven’t already. Epic Games is implementing a Fortnite Double XP weekend from today until Monday before the start of Season 5, which will be a boon for anyone who’s just starting to play.

The Double XP weekend is just what it sounds like, a period in the game where anyone playing will get double the amount of XP that they normally would for completing games, doing challenges, and more. This is particularly advantageous to a lot of new players that are still at low levels, because it will help them move up faster in rank.

In addition to simply playing matches, what you can also do to help build up your experiences during the Fortnite Double XP weekend is to go through the game’s various Battle Pass challenges, a series of challenges that allow you to earn more in-game currency which you can use to buy skins, items, and emotes.

The Fortnite Double XP weekend might draw even more players to it, especially since the game has recently come out on both the Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch (drawing some criticism towards Sony due to a lack of cross platform play). With all of these new players coming in, especially on a Double XP weekend that can help them progress quickly and get more of the sorts of items that will make the game fun.

Fortnite’s huge amount of popularity has been so large that the game has even been eclipsing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the first truly widespread Battle Royale game that made news over and over again as it hit millions and millions of copies sold even before it was officially released from Steam’s Early Access.

But either way, whether you’re just starting Fortnite or have played it for a while, the Fortnite Double XP weekend is a good time to go up a few levels.