Fortnite Players are Being Targeted by Data Theft Malware, It’s a Nightmare

As we all know, Fortnite is the most played and most famous game currently. Gamers love to play it and Epic Games has everything to keep them coming back but it also brings in many scammers who intend to steal personal credentials. As reported by Malwarebytes, Fortnite players are now being targeted by Data Theft Malware.

The new season has started in Fortnite and scammers are trying their best to take advantage of the situation by offering a fake version of the game to trap the users. This time they are taking it to another level of danger by stealing personal data, Bitcoins and more.

Report from MalwareBytes Labs shows us that this new data theft malware is already out and it’s being disguised as a cheat tool to steal your data without you knowing it. Christopher Boyd of Malwarebytes has spotted scammers trying to redirect users to a page on Sub2Unlock. At that page, you can connect to the subscribers and purchase the tool after subscribing.

Now after subscribing, you will be directed to another link to download “download portal bt-fortnite-cheats(dot)tk”. This is from where you can download the cheat software but at the back, it has a hidden file with data-stealing malware.

Once you execute the file, it will start performing some operations and then sends your data through a post command to an index file in Russia Federation.

The information it takes include cookies, Bitcoin wallets, browser session details, and even Steam Wallet sessions.

Malwarebytes researcher, Chris Boyd says;

“While this particular file probably isn’t that new, it’s still going to do a fair bit of damage to anyone that runs it.

Combining it with the current fever for new Fortnite content is a recipe for stolen data and a lot of cleanup required afterward.”

Now the only way to stay safe from this theft is to avoid any links you see on the internet. Just don’t engage with anyone who’s trying to sell you in-game currency or cheats.

Fortnite is hugely popular and it’s also a reason for the increase in Porn searches by 112%. In other news, Fortnite is now playable through cross-play on PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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