Fortnite Crew Subscription Offers Monthly Deals For Just $12

Fortnite Crew is a new subscription-based service for the titular battle royale phenomenon which guarantees exclusive goodies.

Fortnite Crew is a new subscription-based service for the titular battle royale phenomenon which guarantees exclusive goodies on a monthly basis.

According to an official announcement made just now, Fortnite Crew will launch on December 2 alongside the arrival of the new chapter update for the upcoming fifth season. Interested players will be able to subscribe straight away for $12 (or €12) a month to receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month, a monthly exclusive bundle of outfits and items, and a December-specific exclusive bundle which “stars the empress of the cosmos Galaxia plus Style, accompanied by her Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling.”

Fortnite Crew further gives players access to the battle pass and those who already own the current battle pass will be refunded 950 V-Bucks. Take note that the seasonal battle pass will remain active even if players decide to end their subscription during the season.

Epic Games confirmed a few months ago that Fortnite features more than 350 million registered players around the world. The free-to-play in-game microtransactions reportedly generate more than $1 billion in yearly revenues. The vast reach makes a subscription-based service like Fortnite Crew all the more important for players who are investing time and resources on a regular basis. Their monthly subscription will net a ton of goodies in the long run; though it does depend on what kind and the quality of outfits that Epic Games releases.

Fortnite Crew subscriptions can be purchased (or cancelled) from the in-game shop at launch. The developer has confirmed that the next batch of exclusive bundles (for January) will be revealed before the end of December, which should be a norm to entice players into subscribing for confirmed exclusives.

Fortnite recently received its own batch of next-generation enhancements on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The game runs in “smooth” 60 frames per second at “stunning” 4K resolution on both consoles. The same frame-rate will be supported for Xbox Series S but at a much lower 1080p resolution, particularly because the Xbox Series S version of the game still features “most of the visual enhancements” of the Xbox Series X version.

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