Fortnite Chapter 3 Vault Locations Guide

Fortnite’s newest iteration has launched bringing with it lots of new secret locations and gameplay opportunities. In this guide, we will be taking a look at all the Vault Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 and talk about how to open these vaults and the gem fragments inside them.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Vault Locations

Some players have already discovered the locations of all 7 Vaults hidden across the map and are gathering the gem fragments inside them.

We will be telling you the exact location and directions to reach find these vaults and also tell you how to unlock them and the loot you can expect to find inside them.

How to Find All Vaults for Shanta’s Quests in Fortnite

Here are the locations for all 7 Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3

Vault #1

The first vault can be located on the left of Logjam Lumberyard.

Vault #2

The second vault is situated near the river on the left side of Camp Cuddle.

Vault #3

You can find the third vault can be found on the left edge of the map, southwest of Greasy Groove

Vault #4

To find the fourth vault, you need to visit the lake on the left side of Coney Crossroads.

Vault #5

You can locate the fifth vault if you head right from the Daily Bugle building and check around the top right side of the map.

Vault #6

The sixth vault is located on the small island due East of The Sanctuary.

Vault #7

The last vault can be found in the desert area, on the bottom right of Chonker’s Speedway.

How to Open Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3

Once you’ve located all 7 vaults, you are going to need 2 or more friends to open them. These vaults have a group lock that requires you to be partied up with at least 2-3 people and then stand in front of the lock to open the vault doors.

These doors make a lot of noise and open slowly which might attract enemy squads to your position so be ready for a fight.

Once you are inside the vault, you can find rare chests that contain the best loot in the game including the newly introduced AR and other cool loot.

How to Get Gem Fragments

If you are completing the new questlines, you will eventually need to collect Gem Fragments from inside the vaults. Each vault has 1 Gem Fragment that you can find when you are inside the vault.

Gem Fragments are dark blue crystals floating in the air so, they are not that easy to miss. Collect all 7 fragments from all the vaults to progress your questline.

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