Fortnite Chapter 2 Winterfest Lodge Easter Eggs

New event means new easter eggs in Fortnite Chapter 2 and this guide focuses on all the ones found in the Winterfest Lodge

Fortnite’s brand new winter event, named ‘Winterfest’ has just arrived. This event brings in a lot of new challenges, as well as a few easter eggs, which most players might miss. We have gathered all the Fortnite Chapter 2 Winterfest Lodge Easter Eggs in this one guide for you to check out.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Winterfest Lodge Easter Eggs

Peeking Peely
Go to the jukebox area, which is by the presents to the right. Click on the present with the Millenium Falcon and Crackshot’s back bling will appear on the right side of the screen; click on it and you’ll be taken to the jukebox.

Here, you can discover a really adorable easter egg by clicking on the banana. This will make Peely the Banana peek through the window

If you’re wondering, the gifts inside the presents aren’t random. As of right now, the following gifts have been confirmed to be inside the respective present.

  • The medium-sized, purple-colored gift with the blue ribbon contains the Peppermint Pickaxe.
  • The present which looks like the Millenium Falcon… contains the Millenium Falcon.
  • The present right behind the one with the Millenium Falcon contains ‘The Sith’ back bling.
  • The present which creates a Boogie Bomb sound contains a music track.

Fireplace XP Farm
Easily the best easter egg in the Lodge is the fireplace. You can make your way to the fireplace through the Cabin in the lobby. Once there, you’ll see an option to use the fireplace as your screen saver. Click on the option and it’ll do so.

The catch here is while the fireplace is active as your screen saver, you’ll passively gain about 5,000 Supercharged XP every 5 minutes.

What makes this even better is that there’s no time limit to how long you can have the fireplace as your screen saver. This is a perfect opportunity to advance your Battle Pass tiers. Feel free to farm up as much XP as you want.

This easter egg will stop working on January 7, so make sure to farm up all your XP before then!

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