Fortnite Chapter 2 Winterfest Challenge Guide

The most winter giving vibe event in Fortnite has finally arrived bringing along the Christmas vibe. Yes, we are talking about the Winterfest challenge. This challenge will last for 14 days and each day brings exciting loot you can get your hands on. If you need help with this Fortnite Chapter 2 Winterfest Challenge, we have prepared this special guide for you.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Winterfest Challenge

The first challenge is the easiest one where you have to access the Winterfest cabin which you can easily, first of all, click the snowflake icon beside the play button on the top left side of the screen then click on the “Visit Lodge” icon in the bottom right corner. As you do this you will be taken to Winterfest Cabin.

The next thing is to look for a Holiday Stocking which is hanging over the fireplace as soon as you Interact with it, the first challenge will be completed!

You can then do the same each day as the stocking refills every day and enjoy the loot.

The Winterfest Cabin is located at the south of Frenzy Farms just across the river. This is a busy place nowadays so accessing it wouldn’t be that easy and you might have to fight your way there.

There is some exciting stuff along the way like the Sneaky Snowmen and other ammo crates and chests that can keep you engaged!

As far as the rewards that come with the Winterfest challenge, based on the community’s experience, a lot of different exciting prizes have been reported.

Even though the contents seem to be random but the Millenium Falcon glider which comes out of the Millenium falcon shaped present is an exception!

Following is a list of different stuff people got from there presents

  • Treefall Glider from Peely
  • Peppermint Pick
  • SnowShaker
  • New year 2020 Skin
  • The Sith
  • Merry Chipmas Music CD
  • A “Merry Beastmas” loading screen
  • A “Well Wrapped” wrap

There is not a lot to stress about cause nevertheless the shaking will ultimately let you have all the prizes the presents have to offer.

You just have to go to the Cabin every day and try your luck.

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