Fortnite Chapter 2 Unfused Challenge Guide

If you are interested in unlocking the white and black variants for your fusion skin, check out our Fortnite Chapter 2 Unfused Challenge guide

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 came out and with all new stuff to earn from the battle pass. Keeping this in view, the battle pass offers the Fusion Skin at level 100. However, variants for the skin can also be unlocked by completing a series of challenges also unlock at level 100. In this Fortnite Chapter 2 guide, we will tell you how to unlock these skin variants by completing the Unfused Challenges.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Unfused Challenge

So basically two variants are available for the Fusion skin, the VEX (black) and XEV(white) versions. To unlock these skins, all you have to do is complete the missions provided for each respective skin.

There are four challenges for each of these skins and you will unlock the skin once these challenges are completed. Simple as that but we will give you some tips to speed up the process. Keep in mind your battle pass needs to be level 100 before you can unlock these skins.

Vex Challenges

Destroy opposing player buildings (25)
XP: 7,500

This would be a piece of cake in team rumble, as there are a lot of enemy buildings all over the place.

Finish top 10 in Solo (3)


If you ain’t a badass, then you should probably try to hide in a bush, let the storm kill all enemies, then camp the last enemy. If you are a badass then….well you don’t need any tips.

Yeet an opponent so they deal fall damage (1)

Well, this one is definitely the most fun one, but kind of annoying too. Easiest to be done in a squad, find an enemy who is downed, pick them up and throw them from any point high enough that they deal some fall damage. That’s it!

Eliminate opponents in different matches (10)
XP: 7,500

A pretty straightforward challenge. Either drop in a hot location, get a gun quickly and go berserk on everyone. Otherwise just play casually and get 10 eliminates. Simple.

XEV Challenges

Finish top 5 in Squad or Duos (3)
XP: 7,500

Its probably better to team up with a friend or two so they can help carry you, instead of taking chance by queuing up with some random. Rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Carry Teammate out of Strom (1)
XP: 7,500

This is a tricky yet easy one. Jump into duos with a friend. Get you friend to jump of a high area, high enough that the fall Damage downs him, then carry him out the storm and use bandages. However, make sure you do this near where the storm end, so you don’t accidentally end up killing your friend.

Revive and Reboot a Teammate (1)

The most easy way is that you and your friend land somewhere away from the battle bus path. Get your friend to jump from a height and revive him. Do it again, but this time let him die than reboot him. The revive part can also be done with the “Carry a teammate out of the storm” challenge.

Assist a Teammate with Eliminations: (10)

This one can be easily done in team rumble. Just shoot an enemy few times to drain a part of enemy health, then just let your teammate do the rest. A pretty easy and straight forward challenge.

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