Fortnite Chapter 2 Steel Bridges Locations Guide

The newly introduced season of Fortnite brings fun challenges and one of them is to dance at the steel bridges of different colors. This Fortnite Chapter 2 Steel Bridges Locations guide will help you find these bridges and when the coast is clear, you can dance at them to your heart’s content.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Steel Bridges Locations

The main hurdle in the objective of these bridge dancing missions is locating them. So many folks were having trouble knowing the exact locations of the bridges and hence we have come up with this guide to explain to you in detail.

Before we get on with our locations guide, let us tell you the benefit of completing the mission.

The Steel Bridge dancing challenge is a part of the Fortnite Chaos Rising mission and completing the set of all the included objectives of the mission will unlock you the Fortnite Chaos Rising loading screen.

The Chaos Rising loading screen is a great reward for it uncovers to you the location to the XP Dump –A chance of winning huge XP there.

Now talking about the locations of the bridges, here we go:

Blue Steel Bridge Location
Head towards the Pleasant Park and once you have crossed its populated area, head East of it towards the Craggy Cliffs.

There is a bridge connecting both of the mentioned locations and yes! This is your blue bridge upon which you need to dance in order to complete the objective.

Red Steel Bridge Location
From the Salty Springs area, take the road to the North towards the Pleasant Park area.

You will have to cross a bridge between these two locations. That bridge is your Red Steel Bridge and you need to dance upon it to complete the objective.

Green Steel Bridge Location
Your Green steel bridge is actually the bridge connecting a portion of the Frenzy Farms to the Dirty Docks area. However, there are two bridges in total so you should take the one that is in the North to the Lazy Lake area.

Purple Steel Bridge Location
The bridge which is in parallel to the Weeping Woods and the Slurpy Swamp is the purple one. This is also the only bridge between Weeping Woods and the Slurpy Swamp so you might already have crossed it several times.

Yellow Steel Bridge Location
There is only one bridge between the Misty Meadows and the Retail Row. This is your yellow-painted steel bridge and you need to dance upon it in order to complete the objective of dancing on the bridges.

I hope that you have got the descriptions of the locations.

Hurry up for there is a limited time duration for the completion of these missions.

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