Fortnite Chapter 2 Star Wars Challenges Guide

Sweet news! Even though the Fortnite Star Wars event has officially ended the fun hasn’t ended yet as the Star Wars challenges are now available to complete which comes with exciting rewards! In this guide we will tell you all about these Fortnite Chapter 2 Star Wars Challenges and how to do finish them.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Star Wars Challenges

You can now get the Jedi banner icon and the Jedi training emote along with the First Order Back Bling! All of these rewards are a few Star Wars challenges away but you earn them as you complete the stages!

Stage one of each challenge unlocks the Banner, stage 2 gets you the Back bling and stage 3 unlocks the emote! The 5 challenges are as follows

Deal Damage With a Lightsaber
The first challenge is quite simple as you just need to find the special Star Wars drops that contain Lightsabers in them. If you can’t find one, try to kill a player who has them

Raise Your Banner To Capture TIE Fighter Crash Sites
As for raising the banner to capture the crash sites, looking on the map will surely help you! These sites are at South of Steamy Stacks, northwest of Salty Springs, north of Holly Hedges, north of Retail Row and finally the last one is southwest of Slurpy Swamps!

They are easy to find as you can see smoke rising in the sky. You just have to get to one of these either alone or with a team to raise the banner! But you must go through the First Order Stormtroopers that are guarding the area so you better have weapons along with you. If you have a lightsaber, you can easily complete the Lightsaber elimination challenge here.

Block Damage With a Lightsaber
This challenge is where you have to block incoming damage and this can be done by holding down the aim down sight button while facing the enemy. You can find Lightsabers from Star Wars crates or pick them off a dead player.

Eliminate First Order Troopers With a Lightsaber or from beyond 100m
Your best bet for this challenge would be to go to a TIE fighter crash site. If you have a lightsaber, just go all in and kill those First Order soldiers. If not, stay at a distance and hunt them down with your sniper or any weapon thats good at long range so you kill them from beyond 100m.

Deal Damage with a First Order Blaster Rifle
Once you defeat First Order Stormtroopers at a crash site, they will drop these Blaster Rifles. Pick them up and use these First Order Blaster Rifles to deal damage to Stormtroopers or other players. Both count towards the challenge.

Every challenge has 3 stages so you have to complete those to get your hands on the rewards! Luckily all these challenges are in the crash sites so it’s not much of a hassle.

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