Where to Plant Saplings in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Fortnite Week 6 Epic quests are now live. One of the Epic quests is to plant three saplings at Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Truck, or FN Radio. So without wasting time, let’s talk about where you can plant saplings in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Where to Plant Saplings in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

As you already know the names of the areas where you can plant these saplings so let’s start with all of them one by one. You can also check the map below to know the exact location.

Fortnite Saplings

Stumpy Ridge Saplings

You will find the logging area southeast of Weeping Woods. Here you will found two saplings close to the large stumps in the lower area, and the third sapling location is on the hill.

At Stumpy Ridge, the saplings are scattered away from each other, so you should not visit this location if you want to complete this quest quickly.

Fork Knife Food Truck Saplings

You will find this area north of Lazy Lake along the road. This is one of the easiest locations to complete this Epic quest. You will find all three saplings at Fork Knife Food Truck pretty close to each other, along with lots of loot since they are near to a few POIs.

You just have to move a short distance from the Food Truck to reach the location of all three saplings. Just plant the saplings, and this quest will be completed.

FN Radio

The third and final location where you can plant these saplings to complete the quest is FN Radio. You will find this location east of Craggy Cliffs on a hill.

Just like the Fork Knife Food Truck location, this area is also good for completing this quest since all the samplings here are also close to each other. You will find all the saplings west of a building on a ridge.

Now what we will recommend you here is either go to the FN Radio or Fork Knife Food Truck for completing this Epic quest. Because at the Stumpy Ridge, all three saplings are scattered, and finding them will need more time.

On the other hand, at FN Radio and Fork Knife Food Truck, the saplings are grouped together, so it wouldn’t take long to complete this quest.

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