Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Fish Locations Guide

After being dumped for a while, we can see that fish are back in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 5. There will be some fish that can only be caught by fishing rods and that is why we have prepared this list of all the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Fish Locations and have listed them down with special requirements.

These fish spawn at random locations throughout the whole map.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Fish Locations

In order to check for the caught fish in your inventory, you can go to the collections tab and click on “Quests.”

You can easily catch the fish in the battle lab by setting your weapons to explosives and then making sure that it is nighttime. You can get the fishing rod by looting the barrels.

First, we will list down all the fish which can be anywhere on the map:

  • No.1 Orange Flopper
  • No.2 Green Flopper
  • No.3 Blue Flopper
  • No.4 Black and Blue Shield Fish
  • No.7 Pink Shield Fish
  • No.8 Light Blue Shield Fish
  • No.9 Blue Slurpfish
  • No.14 Light Blue Small Fry
  • No.15 Tan Small Fry
  • No.16 Purple Top Small Fry
  • No.17 Black Small Fry
  • No.19 Purple and Orange Thermal Fish
  • No.21 Silver Thermal Fish
  • No.28 Crystal Zero Fish/Zero Point Fish
  • No.29 Slurp Jellyfish
  • No.32 Dark Vanguard Jellyfish
  • No.35 Butterfly Rift Fish
  • No.36 Black Spotted Rift Fish
  • No.38 Galactic Rift Fish
  • No.39 Vendetta Flopper

Here is the list of fish found in the Coastal area:

  • No.5 Black Striped Shield Fish
  • No.12 Black Slurpfish
  • No.20 Blue Small Fry
  • No.22 Raven Thermal Fish
  • No.24 Tiger Zero Fish
  • No.31 Purple Jellyfish
  • No.37 Sandstorm Rift Fish

Here is the list of fish from Mountain areas:

  • No.11 Purple Slurpfish
  • No.26 Crimson Zero Fish
  • No.30 Peely Jellyfish
  • No.34 Volcanic Rift Fish

Here is the list of fish from Forest areas:

  • No.6 Green Shield Fish
  • No.20 Green Thermal Fish
  • No.23 Red and Green Thermal Fish
  • No.25 Leafy Zero Fish

Here is the list of fish from swamp areas:

  • No. 10 Yellow Slurpfish
  • No.13 White Slurpfish
  • No.27 Skull Zero Fish
  • No.33 Cuddle Jellyfish

There are a total of 40 fish in this season, but till now, we have only 39 on the map. The last one will be added on in later updates.