Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Secret Vault Locations Guide

Become a vault hunter (no not that kind) and find the locations of all the secret vaults hidden throughout the map in Fortnite Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 has really gone ahead and diversified the gameplay mechanics of the battle royale mode of the game. With the recent Season 2 Update, there has been an addition of five vaults found in different locations on the map in Fortnite. Our Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Secret Vault Locations will help you find them.

Opening one of these loot stashes or secret vaults can really set you ahead in the fight so it is worth looking for them if they are not too outside the zone.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Secret Vault Locations

The Fortnite vaults provide XP coins, gold weapons and other great loot essential for you to survive and make it out on the top.

Arguably, there are better ways to gather loot, but if you plan the heist and start working towards the vaults as the game starts; you will not lose a lot of time.

Make sure you grab some decent equipment before you start vault hunting as you have to fight a unique boss exclusive to the vault in question.

Vault 1 – The Rig
A vault can be found South-West in the map, located near The Rig. Head to the central area after picking up a gun or two, and start chipping away at TNTina’s health; she isn’t packing too much health and it should be relatively easy to kill her.


Once you beat her, grab the keycard and you can find the vault towards the Northside. Swipe the rig keycard on the vault door and voila! The loot is yours.

Vault 2 – The Grotto
Make your way to The Grotto, where you will be greeted by henchmen who will be trying to take you down. Grab a weapon and clear the area. Now head to the shore and disguise yourself using the phone booth and go to the North side of the facility only to find Brutus guarding the vault.

You will be able to access the vault after killing Brutus; be careful though, Brutus is much tougher than TNTina, having a much higher health pool, and an extremely dangerous minigun.

Vault 3 – The Yacht
An exotic Yacht can be found floating in all its glory in the North-East corner of the map. In order to gain access to this vault, you will be hunting down Meowscles. He can be found in the main room with his henchmen guarding him. Defeat Meowscles and his henchmen, and you will be given his assault rifle and the keycard to gain access to the vault found in the lower deck.

Beware of the turret guarding the vault, you can either destroy it or use a disguise to get past it.

Vault 4 – The Agency
The Agency is the massive building found in the center of the map. To get the keycard for this vault, you are going to have to find Midas, he can be found patrolling inside the building. Try to take out his henchmen before you get close and personal with him.

Kill him and you will receive Midas’ Drum Gun alongside the keycard required to open the vault. This vault has two turrets, so prepare to get ridden by bullets if you aren’t swift enough. We would recommend you just get a disguise and move past the turrets unseen.

Vault 5 – The Shark
The Shark vault can be found in the North-West corner of the map located on an island with a rock formation looking eerily like a shark. Here, you will need to kill Skye who will drop the keycard required for the vault.

After killing Skye, you will get her weapon and the keycard. Grab a disguise and head to the basement, and move past the auto turret to get to the vault’s contents.

Vaults are high-risk high reward gambles, there’s no guarantee whether you will even be able to secure any loot considering the competition you will be facing at all the sites. But, one thing’s for certain, if you do manage to get your hands on the loot, you’re mostly set for the rest of the game.

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