Fortnite Chapter 2 Named Locations Guide

Fortnite Chapter 2 has introduced a new map, which requires Fortnite players to learn a lot about named locations. Players...

Fortnite Chapter 2 has introduced a new map, which requires Fortnite players to learn a lot about named locations. Players might be able to recognize a few locations as they return from the previous map, traveling through the black hole with the players themselves.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Named Locations

This guide includes all of the named locations; including both, returning and new locations on Chapter 2 map.


Here are the returning named locations from the previous seasons of Fortnite.
Retail Row
Except for the fact that there are no zombies now, not much has changed about the place, since it retains its ring of buildings with wide spaces that are ideal for snipe-offs.
Pleasant Park
The housing society and its football field of the Pleasant Park have returned to Chapter 2, making it the location’s eleventh season in the game.
Salty Springs
The small town of Salty Springs, with its suburban houses, is back with Pleasant Park, as the only two locations that have appeared in all eleven (11) seasons of the Fortnite.

New Locations

Here are the new named locations for season 11 of Fortnite
Steamy Stacks
This is the Power Plant from the game’s trailer, it is a bunch of buildings with tight corridors.
Holly Hedges
This is a town location with a lot of leafy cover in between the houses in the area.
Sweaty Sands
This town is right on the seashore, with a big hotel. The place is a good landing place with access to land and sea.
Lazy Lake
Lazy Lake is a housing place with a single big building located right at its center. Various boats travel through the river that’s right next to the place.
Misty Meadows
This is a town located in the southern corner of the map, with all of its buildings made up of brick. This can be a good spot for players to boost their material stack.
Weeping Woods
The area is literally made up of trees, this is a good place for sneak attacks. A tower taller than the treeline is also placed here with a number of buildings.
Slurpy Swamp
This is a bottle-plant for Slurp Co, basically where the Slurp Juice is made. This is located behind the Weeping Woods and has a lot of shields and potions for players to increase their health points.
Dirty Docks
This is another coastal area in the game. The area is basically straight forward besides the two cranes placed. The area also consists of containers with a lot of loot.
Craggy Cliffs
This area is easily accessible by Fortnite’s new boats. The area comprises multiple levels, which means that the area is crucial for strikes from above.
Frenzy Farm
As the name suggests, Frenzy Farm is basically just a farm that features small cornfields. The barns on the farm have a considerable amount of loot.

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